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A euphemism I’ve not seen before

Three weeks after she returned home, Ian visited on her birthday weekend. “I was definitely very impressed by Linda. I drove 221 miles to see her,” he says.

Before he arrived Linda still thought of the relationship as a friendship, but it was soon clear that there was romantic chemistry. “I’d invited friends for dinner on the Saturday evening in case things weren’t working out well with Ian’s visit. All through dinner, we both just wished they weren’t there.”

They became a couple that weekend

Sure, shagging is part of that process but it’s hardly, in the modern age, quite the defining one, is it?

9 thoughts on “A euphemism I’ve not seen before”

  1. I think you may be assuming too much (although you may also be right). I’ve a young lady of whom I’m rather fond. I would fairly confidently say we’re a couple, and have been for a while – I’ve been driving halfway across the country every other weekend for over a year. It doesn’t follow from this that we are having sex – we’re both quite clear that will only happen after (and if) we marry. We don’t even stay over at each other’s houses on a matter of principle (the stupid Covid rules have made this more of a nightmare than usual)

    Just because a lot of people in the modern world do things one way, it doesn’t follow that all of them are!

  2. Truly fascinating. Most interesting thing I’ve read all lockdown.

    And as theProle shows, you can have chemistry with someone without having biology with them.

  3. TheProle- I think Tim’s assumption is fairly safe. If they were abstaining the article would definitely have mentioned it- it was that type of article.

  4. TheProle- The bit where the Safety Guests turned out to be ..superfluous.. is a big, fat hint abstination was definitely not on their minds then….

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