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Absolutely super government investment in energy and well paying jobs

This is just great:

Decommissioning Britain’s old nuclear sites will cost taxpayers £132bn and take 120 years, the Public Accounts Committee has said.

Just feel the width on that stimulus! Isn’t it glorious that we’re spending more upon our energy supply and creating jobs into the bargain? With the multiplier this will pay for itself in no time as well.

Hmm, what’s that? That only works for wind and solar, not for nuclear? Now why could that be so?

5 thoughts on “Absolutely super government investment in energy and well paying jobs”

  1. Why not just spend the money, and that wasted on wind, solar and indeed on HS2, to build more nukes. Lots of nice, non-CO2 emitting power and any clean-up of the sites can be left to the new Caliphate that’ll no doubt have taken over by then.

    Or perhaps St Greta’ll have declared them taboo.

  2. @ Boganboy
    My local “Green” is happy to be described as a Watermelon, green on the outside, red on the inside.
    So the Green Party has inherited the Communist/Fellow Traveller opposition to peaceful nuclear power because the waste products from our 1950s Magnox reactors could have been used to make bombs to threaten the USSR if they invaded western Europe with an army rather than just fifth-columnists.
    That is why.

  3. Dear Mr Worstall

    Those prices are probably based on Prof Ferguson’s models.

    Shove all the waste into Cornwall and no-one would notice.

    According to a friend in the electricity business, if Cornwall were a nuclear power station it would be closed.

    I understand the same is true of Aberdeen, so that’s two disposal sites.


  4. How much could the cost be reduced if we abandoned the linear-no threshold model of the damage caused by radiation?

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