Dearie me

In the context of more than 730,000 new arrivals in the UK in 2018, a dip of 10,000 babies doesn’t sound like much. But based on average life expectancy of 81 years, and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’s estimated value of £30,000 per ‘quality adjusted life year’ that already takes us to £24bn, or more than 1pc of the UK’s pre-Covid gross domestic product.

A Qaly is not the GDP associated with the life year, it’s the subjective benefit of the life year. Entirely different things.

4 thoughts on “Dearie me”

  1. OK Tim. So that’s a £24billion subjective loss of quality life to the UK. That’s an interesting way of looking at the human costs of abortion.

  2. @Andrew M: that’s an interesting one. Were just as many births happening in hospital, I wonder; could the mothers have preferred to give birth at home?

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