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Fewer women in top jobs then?

The president-elect has vowed to appoint the most diverse cabinet in American history, saying he wants it to “look like America”. Women are frontrunners for the four most senior jobs: secretary of state, Treasury secretary, defence secretary and attorney-general.

To look like America means few women or minorities in top jobs.

This is not, of course, what Joe means.

22 thoughts on “Fewer women in top jobs then?”

  1. My US friends believe Susan Rice will be rewarded for services to previous administrations by being appointed Secretary of State.

  2. Not important jobs, so you can give them to a bunch of girls to win the feminist vote, regardless of talent.

    Defence secretary used to be for serious looking men with business and/or military experience back when it really mattered in the Cold War and people were nervous about large threats. When it’s mostly about drone bombing the Taliban, job creation exercises like the F-35, and endless diversity nonsense, who cares who runs it? Who honestly cares which medieval theocrats are running Afghanistan?

  3. This is quite a positive move.
    God forbid they appoint people based upon competence, ability and suitability for the job. Think what they might do!
    Far better to have a bunch of incompetent troughers appointed based upon skin colour, private parts and identity politics, not to mention the bribes. Should ensure nothing gets done, the best sort of government 🙂

  4. Rowdy – Yarpsolutely.

    The MSM is in complete lockstep on this, trying to pretend the election is over and Joe has won. (The magical belief of our overlords in the power of their words to speak things into being is interesting in itself. “Let there be Shite”).

    But he hasn’t won. He may well win, but there’s the non-trivial business of multiple recounts, Independent investigations by GOP state legislatures, and lawsuits a-plenty to get through first.

    Not being an expert or having anything else to go on but a good reckon, I reckon there’s a slim chance of a massive upset. Which would be so funny I might happily shit myself from giggling.

    Can you imagine when this race is won?
    Turn our golden the faces into the sun
    Praising our leaders, we’re getting in tune.
    The music’s played by the, the madman…

  5. Nobody is President-elect until the Electoral College says so – scheduled to meet on 14 December. USA is a Republic not a Democracy.

  6. In 2000 it took 37 days post-election before Al Gore finally conceded (technically re-conceded) so there is a fairly recent precedent for the current situation, albeit one the worlds media is determined to forget.

  7. Appointing people on the basis of their position a top trumps league of identity politics rather than suitability/competence seems to be somewhat risky

  8. There may or may not have been massive voting fraud involved, and we may never find out. There always is some, and you could say that while the Reps have a small built-in advantage through the Electoral College, the Dems have a balancing advantage through regular fraud.

    What is beyond any doubt though, is that the MSM + social media giants have been egregiously biased and engaged in covering up for the Dems and the Bidens. They have spent all and any credibility they might still have had in the all-consuming task of kicking out the Orange Man. Anecdotally, this is already costing Fox dearly in ratings, but the longer-term damage this will do to all of them is immeasurable. They have essentially committed credibility suicide just to drag a frail senior citizen into the White House. They will lose any readers/viewers they have ever had on the right-wing. Can they survive a 50% cut in readership?

    The FT recently stopped having a weather forecast on its back page. Just as well, since I will never believe anything printed in the pink ‘un again – much better to look out the window.

    This is the most significant result of the 2020 US elections. Barring a miracle, we will not now find out the extent of the 2016 Deep State permanent coup against the Trump administration; that’s a pity for the loss of entertainment value, but it is not really significant. Trump fought the Swamp, and the Swamp fought back very effectively, that’s just to be expected. But the death of professional journalism – that will hurt in the long run.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    My US friends believe Susan Rice will be rewarded for services to previous administrations by being appointed Secretary of State.

    I suppose its too much to hope that he has a senior moment and appoints Condoleezza instead?

  10. Steve

    “there’s the non-trivial business of multiple recounts, Independent investigations by GOP state legislatures, and lawsuits a-plenty to get through first.”

    By my rough calculations, 30,000 votes or less spread over WI/MI/PA would give Trump victory – it’s that close in electoral college terms. A friend in Milwaukee tells me turnout was 89% when turnout there has rarely reached 60%…

  11. While there may be plenty of reasonable explanations around certain districts are always late and biased towards one candidate, postal votes are biased towards one candidate (though you’d expect Covid to have changed postal ballot volume and %) the problem they have is it looks dodgy and so the explanations have to be rock solid and need to be scrutinised this time round and ‘irregularities’ and statistical anomalies reviewed.
    While I’d be happy to concede that the youth vote is biased towards Biden I’d want to see some analysis done on changes in the turnout and how that matched observations at polling stations and exit polls and especially postal votes from college age voters (vote at home and at college?)

  12. ‘Women poised to take top jobs in Joe Biden’s cabinet’

    This sounds like a threat. Are they going to beat Poor Joe to get them?

    And what is the point here? Are women it top jobs going to do something different? Have high tea as China invades Taiwan?

  13. @Steve: I’m afraid regardless of Trump’s legal rightness (or wrongness) on the electoral fraud situation, there is no way that the Supreme Court are going to make any decisions that put him back in the WH. Its the same that we see in the UK – judges will NEVER find for a case (regardless of the legal merits) that fundamentally weakens the State. They’ll find against ‘the government’ and order it to ‘do something’ on some matter of £££ or ‘yuman rights’, because that actually strengthens the position of the State as the provider of all bounty. But if a citizen turns up with a slam dunk case that means the courts would have to fundamentally curtail the right of the State to control us all, then it’ll be ‘Nope, no case here, bugger off’. Judges know which side their bread is buttered, and its not the side of plumbers from Akron. Its on the side of Big Government who pays their wages and funds their pensions. Ergo the USC will ultimately side with Big Government Biden, because Trump is a threat to Big State.

    And of course they are human beings – the judges who put Trump back in power would be marked men and women. They’d have every fascist Leftist wishing them dead and quite happy to help out in any way possible. Which given the judges live in a world of government employees means any given one of them could be prepared to be the one who looks the other way when the parcel arrives, or the gunman slips in through the back door. Would you be prepared to stand on your moral integrity and suffer a lifetime of wondering whats under your car, or whats in your food, or who is coming round the next corner with a knife or gun? Or indeed your family’s welfare? I’m not sure I would, and I sure they won’t either.

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