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From the mouths of babes, sucklings and Snippa commentators

Alan Ruff says:
November 18 2020 at 2:22 pm
The fact that they laughed at you tells you all about their level of economic understanding Richard


Well, yes, it does, it does, doesn’t it?

11 thoughts on “From the mouths of babes, sucklings and Snippa commentators”

  1. Apparently, at this Zoom conference, Spud wouldn’t shut up so the moderator muted him. Unaware that he’d been muted, he carried on ranting.

  2. For those who have been banned from or abused on Murphy’s site, take heart that some other people with “reasonable” views are able to comment there without any reaction from the repellent fat fvck.

    George S Gordon says:
    November 18 2020 at 4:36 pm
    Does anyone understand what Keir Starmer has just done in the latest episode of the Jeremy Corbyn affair? I may already be out of date on this, but it seems Corbyn is now, like Schrodinger’s Cat, neither in nor out of Labour – the worst of all possible worlds?

    My own view is that Corbyn has been badly treated by our horrendous right-wing media.

  3. Is that a very cleverly-worded comment from Alan? If only he’d called himself Ruff-Diamond then we’d be sure.

  4. Rowdy, I’m pretty sure that Alan Ruff (surely no relation to the glorious former Scotland goalkeeper Alan Rough) is a fifth columnist.

    The days of piss-taking posters using the names of Nazi war criminals at Murphy’s blog are long gone.

  5. You really need to keep up. Obscure 1960’s East German mentalists were so 2019. Murph’s latest pisstaker niche is 1978 Argentina World Cup Scotland squad.

    Hat top to Archie Gemill btw

  6. Update – I wanted to check if what I’d been told about Spud being muted at the Fabian’s was correct so a friend posted that it was a shame his magnificent parting words were not heard as he had been muted by then for constantly interrupting. Spud didn’t publish the post so I’ll take that as proof it’s true.

    What a knob. Gets muted, leaves the meeting in a huff, then pretends to the fuckwit acolytes on his blog that he issued a magnificent put down before choosing to leave.

  7. As Snippa is so keen on reminding us:

    “First they laugh at you. Then they laugh at you. Then they laugh at you. Then you go away and cry about it to your loyal acolytes on your highly-censored personal blog.”

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