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Get that man a Stella

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has lost his High Court libel action against The Sun newspaper over an article which labelled him a “wife beater”.

17 thoughts on “Get that man a Stella”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Like Henry Kissinger in other circumstances, I tend to think it is a shame that both can’t lose (and to be honest Depp has lost and would have lost even if he won, while she is bat shit crazy so can’t really lose).

    However if this is “wife beating” the term is all but meaningless. I am no Depp fan but it looks like he got railroaded.

  2. HB – Yarp. I thought he was married to her (she’s the mother of his children), but it turns out they were living in sin before he hared off after mental pussy.


  3. What a complete pair of %$£*s. Shame they can’t both lose. You have to be impressed, though, with Depp manging to piss $650m up the wall. That’s a major bender!

  4. Steve- yep..and henceforth the advice to younguns will be not to Depp your wick in crazy, should you stray, the best course is to self ban from deBeers

  5. Depp would like to be a rock star like Keith Richards, not a movie star, but is crap at guitar. His awful behaviour reflects the profession he wants to follow.

  6. Who would go to law about this? It’s as though Depp has never heard of Oscar Wilde. Or Barbra Streisand.

  7. @Steve,

    Re your comment “I think the lesson here for other middle aged chaps is: don’t leave your wife. ” Have you left a word off the end? Like ‘alive’?

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