Gonna need a new people

Trump added almost 8 million votes to his 2016 tally. According to exit polls and preliminary analyses of the vote, he looks to have improved his showing among Asians, black Americans, Latinos, Muslims, and even those white women we were constantly told were put off by his sexism and aggression. If voting for Trump was truly a test of America’s moral standards, the country has failed.

Or, of course:

And so as long as the Democrats shy away from the redistributive action needed to tackle glaring inequalities

We should go further to the left that people didn’t vote for.

That second being a meme that we can see spreading. If only the Ds had run with Bernie’s policies it would have been a landslide…..

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  1. The two-party system is supposed to prevent either side from moving to extreme positions. How did it come to this?

  2. “Last year, Biden got in trouble for reassuring a group of wealthy donors that while America’s obscene income inequality needed mending because it “ferments political discord and basic revolution”, they could rest easy because under his watch, “nobody had to be punished. No one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change.””

    Nesrine wants punishment. Nesrine needs punishment. The unbelievers must be purged.

  3. ‘If only the Ds had run with Bernie’s policies it would have been a landslide…..’

    Well, yes. Trump WOULD have won in a landslide.

  4. I think the argument goes-Donald won then nearly won not by being centrist but appealing to the base. Do that with the right person and you can get significant votes without trying to triangulate which puts (some) people off. Therefore Bernie style guy gal can do much better than Joe who nearly lost. I think the argument depends very much on the base dems being progressive, which in america i doubt they are, possibly only in the 18-26 cohort. and then there’s the other point- Joe didn’t lose.

  5. It should be noted that the exit polls, by definition, only covered those who voted in person and that as it seems a greater proportion of the remote votes were for Biden, exit polls will likely overstate the proportion of Trump votes in any given demographic.

  6. Andrew M

    “The two-party system is supposed to prevent either side from moving to extreme positions. How did it come to this?”

    Long story, short version – the Internet.

    A constant feed of instant partisan takes makes both sides descend further into their own comfort bubbles. Thoughtful consideration, nuance, critical thinking and all the other mental tools which should be applied to any issue are swamped in a deluge of tendentious hot-takes.

  7. Joe didn’t lose – but he’s not quite won yet, despite the media rushing to coronate him.

    Have to see where the lawsuits go, which probably have a slim but not zero chance.

    Interesting thing is, to the despair of normies, Biden and Trump really were the best candidates each party had to offer.

    The not-Trump republican options would include the likes of born losers such as Jeb, oleaginous Elmer Gantry style religious weirdos like Ted Cruz, the token black guy who never wins (rest in peace, Herman), disaster capitalist tech shrews like Fiorina, tiny donor fingerpuppet Marco Rubio, and the cast of The Munsters.

    The not-Joe Democratic options were a thoroughly unlikeable half-blood fleshlight, the Jewish version of Jeremy Corbyn, Pete Buttplug, Elizabeth Wampum, Hawaiian Surfer Mommy, and Witchy Woo Crystal Healing Woman.

    It’s not going to get obviously better by 2024, by which time Trump will be too old to run again (even if he wants to and hasn’t been sent to a gulag), and Biden will probably be in a hospice.

    On the Republican side, the good news is that Trump has laid out a potentially winning platform based on populist/patriotic outreach to the working classes of all races. The donors won’t like it, but it’s a plausible route to maintaining relevance amidst changing demographics and the ongoing insectification of white collar consumer-drones.

    On the Dem side, things look more fractious. Biden didn’t really campaign and his message, such as it was, was mostly reheated Obama-vintage platitudes about unity and decency ( 😀 )

    That’s not going to satisfy the younger, browner, radicaler wing of the party which wants more wealth redistribution, more racial favouritism, and more banana republic style activity to repeal and replace the pesky US Constitution.

    The hideously old and white Democrat gerontocracy is on life support, and their replacements aren’t interested in pretending to be moderate.

  8. Bill Clinton’s “It’s About the Economy, Stupid” might be one of the wisest quotes ever about politics. And not just about “the economy”, but that it’s about the basic stuff. Is the kid’s school good, are the bins emptied, are you getting richer, are the government launching a dumb war that might see your son dead. etc. etc.

    Most of the media are wealthy people with family money and good jobs and just don’t think like a propane salesman in rural Texas who is doing OK, but not great. He prioritises whether his family are going to be able to live a little better next year far higher than where the president puts his cock.

  9. ‘If only the Ds had run with Bernie’s policies it would have been a landslide…..’

    And it worked so well for Corbyn.

  10. Dennis, Your Guide To The USA

    If voting for Trump was truly a test of America’s moral standards, the country has failed.

    Well, let me point out the obvious: Voting for (or against) Donald Trump in a free and fair election in no way qualifies as a “test of America’s moral standards”. A vote for (or against) Donald Trump was a vote for (or against) an rather general political philosophy/viewpoint and a set of specific policies on a variety of matters.

    Stupid wog.

  11. Steve

    “It’s not going to get obviously better by 2024”

    On the Republican side, Nikki Haley and and the South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem (firmly anti-lockdown), would both look very electable to my eye…

    And not too bad either at gratuitously winding up the Dems at box ticking…

  12. PF – I don’t mean to be sexist, but allowing women to wear clothes was a mistake. The West doesn’t any more lady “leaders” simpering and preening and having emotions in the ruins of our civilisation, we need Conan the Cimmerian to show us what is best in life.

  13. Steve

    Nikki Haley. Really? Just the type of ‘Conservative’ that was being foisted on the Americans prior to Trump. I’d prefer they dug up John McCain to her. He’d do a better job of stirring the new GoP base.

    Although it’s more likely to be a Josh Hawley type.

  14. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    From Fox News:

    One of Joe Biden’s first priorities as president-elect will be implementing mask mandates nationwide by working with governors. The future 46th president, however, says if they refuse than he will go to mayors and county executives and get local masking requirements in place.

    It’s November 9 and Joe Biden has already broken out the stupid.

    The governors that have lockdowns in place don’t need to be talked to. The ones that don’t have a lockdown in place will tell him to go pound sand. And talking to mayors and county executives will only work if (a) mayors and county executives have the authority to impose lockdowns, or (b) they’re Democrats who are willing to weather the wrath of the voting citizenry for imposing a lockdown because the president wants one everywhere irrespective of local conditions.

    This should go swimmingly for Biden.

  15. Well, that’s me told.

    “I don’t mean to be sexist”

    I know. Personally, I thought Margaret was better than John, Tone, Gord, Dave and the rest, but I know – clothes…. They were a mistake.

  16. Recusant – insha’Allah, I forgive you brother

    PF – The Blessed Margaret was the exception that PROVES the rule. An absolutely glorious woman, and it is my fondest wish that we should celebrate her memory by building a gigantic atomic death robot in her image and targeting its 40 gigawatt laser beam eyes on Michael Heseltine.

    In the interests of racial harmony Diane Abbott can also keep her clothes/muumuu

  17. “One of Joe Biden’s first priorities as president-elect will be implementing mask mandates nationwide by working with governors.”

    A 4 year clown show, I tell ya.

    Nimrata Randhawa isn’t conservative. Conservative leaning, but she’ll lean over to the Left side if expedient. Better than anyone the Democrats would run, but not great.

    I don’t know much about Kristi Noem, but what I do know seems very, very good. Haley has more public appearances (Ambassador to UN), so I’d put her at the head of the ticket.

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