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Google doesn’t quite get this independent bit

Google Scholar wants me to add an email. It’s listing citations of my work etc, so why not have somewhere people can contact me?

As people are citing my stuff at times seems sensible enough.

But the email must be at an institution. Gmail isn’t good enough.

That is, Google doesn’t believe in even the possibility of someone doing citeable work without their being at an institution. Despite their counting the citations of someone not at an institution.

12 thoughts on “Google doesn’t quite get this independent bit”

  1. Google thinks its email system is garbage. Act accordingly.

    (should be easy enough to register or some such)

  2. Quite common in academe. The referees for my last degree had to give an institutional address. Google is just being a bit pretensious.

  3. Dennis, Hot Rod Accountant of Central Ohio

    Seems to me what they are really doing is harvesting emails from academics and academic institutions.

    Probably so they can try to sell you something in the near future.


  4. Ottokring,

    I supervise a number of PhD students here in Australia despite not having an institutional address. While I am willing to do it on the “giving something back” sort of basis, the unis do tend to push the friendship by giving me new students who are only tenuously in my field because they are desperate to have supervisors who have been successful in industry rather than lifelong academics. I’m sure that if having an institutional address was a thing for them, they’d just give me one rather than not be able to use me.

  5. “Seems to me what they are really doing is harvesting emails from academics and academic institutions.”
    Of course they are. Or something. As far as I’m aware, Google is not a charity.

  6. I can’t believe Barclays won’t let me pay off my Barclaycard with my Barclaycard! They won’t trust their own system of payment, maybe I should rethink my trust of Barclays.

  7. DocBud

    Slightly recursive, it is probably fine withon your own college, mind you I’d have thought that they’d have given you an address merely for bureaucratic reasons ( eg pompous HR diktats, library closed, that sort of thing) . I am talking about complete outsiders, the “Yooni” specified that the person had to provide an institutional address. I’d be scupperef as I know longer have one. Do you have to provide much in the way of peer review or references to other institutions ?

  8. I’d think you qualify for an ‘’ account, which might be institutional enough for Google Scholar.

    Google may be harvesting author’s email addresses but …

    Wasn’t it 10 years or so ago that Google was boasting that 61 of the top 100 unis in the USA were using ‘Google Enterprise Apps for Education’, including use of gmail for their email systems?

    Mine is on Microsoft Office 365 for the same reasons, but I don’t think it is on any ‘top 100’ list.

  9. Ottokring,

    I am a complete outsider, I’m an external supervisor which is why I don’t have an institutional email address. I peer review any papers they write and will peer review their final theses when they get around to writing up. Most of my students are part time so it is far from guaranteed that they’ll get to the writing up stage.

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