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Hmm, not sure

The place made me think of John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row but it is also not dissimilar to Loren’s hometown of Pozzuoli, near Naples. And this has to be at least part intentional.

Having lived in the area what I seem to recall is that she actually lived in Arco Felice. Which we could sorta say is a suburb of Pozzuoli but not really. Next place along the coast and really rather different. North Somersetonians would recognise the difference between Radstock and Midsomer Norton, that sorta difference.

Pendandtry, obviously, as there might be a mile in it.

One rather fun bit is that her sister married Mussolini’s son. Who was a rather good jazz pianist who I was once taken to see at the officers’ club of the Nato base.

4 thoughts on “Hmm, not sure”

  1. “She had a dignity in the way she carried herself. A vitality I remember even when she was 80. She was timeless but somehow quite sexy, despite her age,” he [the grandson]says.

    i mean jaisus, was that necessary?, probably my cultural dissonance but listening to this director give his grandmum the italian seal approval highest order made me not want to watch his film about his mum.

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