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How can sports betting help you earn money?

Can you really earn money from sports betting? This is a question asked by several online punters for many years now. The answer to this is affirmative. Though, there is a caveat. It’s not easy to earn money from sports betting.

Only a small number of people are able to earn enough from sports betting. This is also proved from the data released by the General Direction of Game Regulation (DGOJ), which informs that just one out of four players are able to earn money from online betting.

However, there are still people who have earned enough from sports betting. Around 0.55% of people have won more than €3,000. This implies that with some patience and smart play, you still have the chance to win money from sports betting.

Even though it’s not a cakewalk to outplay the bookmakers, you can still earn money in sports betting by using some smart techniques. Yes, you heard it right! In this article, you will get to learn some strategies that can aid you in earning money from wagering on sports. Plus, you can go for sports betting website in order to get a head start on sports or soccer betting.

Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that luck also plays a big role in this so these tips are not foolproof, though they are highly effective. After all, no wager guarantees 100% winning results.


Sometimes you can win money in sports betting by following your hunch and other times you can go against it. Nothing is set in stone. You can follow what your heart says or you can do as your brain says.

The primary thing is to judge correctly as per your comprehension and experience in sports gambling. You can read Soccer 6 review and try this sports betting website to enhance your sports gambling skills.

Catch hold of the opportunity with bullish directional wagering

In directional betting, the likelihood of the odds provided by the bookmaker is lower than the bonafide chances of getting the predicted outcome of the bet value. The pre-game quota set by the bookies also varies and a lot of times, they augment it, which in turn raises your chances of victory.

For instance, a wager is placed on 1X2 with a 50% probability or 2.0 visitor share. This share increases to 2.2 or 45% probability when plungers choose 1 or X. Therefore, you must examine the fee advancement.

Adjusting your bets

A lot of bookies provide the same odds, still you can find a few ones that offer safe bets. No bookie will offer odds where you could lose, though you can still find some negative spread, owing to the alteration in the odds, when you scrutinize the odds provided by various bookmakers.

Hence, when you make an opposing wager with two such bookmakers, you will be the real winner. This is because the earnings from one bookmaker can compensate for the losses incurred from the other wager.

Wagering on statistics

You can get better in sports betting through features like fouls, thrown corners, expulsions, and yellow cards. Known as habitualmente, secondary markets allow you to wager on some predictable events in a game. Even though you cannot foresee the outcome of the game, you can still anticipate some situations like these in it.

So, these are some tactics through which you can earn from sports betting. Do give them and try and see how you get better in sports betting.

7 thoughts on “How can sports betting help you earn money?”

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    “The family watched Hamilton together for the first time last night. There came the line when it was said that Hamilton was always writing, writing, writing. Faces turned in my direction and “Sounds familiar” was said. I happened to be writing at the same time…..“

    I will not be offering odds on whether you can guess who it is.

  2. I slash in seventy-fives

    @Confusious You didn’t donate enough to Tim, he is having to take in lodgers. It’s all your fault, get your electronic wallet out NOW.

  3. I’ve had some success with Matched Betting. It’s not get rich quick, but you can make a bit if you’re patient.

  4. If you win consistently, or even lose while wagering in what appears to be a reasonable and controlled manner, bookmakers will follow three steps:-

    1. Remove all concessions – guaranteed odds, preferential place terms, access to early prices etc.
    2. Reduce your maximum stakes (in my case to £10, that’s not £10 stakes – it’s the maximum payout. If I fancy a 4/1 shot the two biggest firms will let me have two whole English pounds on it).
    3. Close your account – end of.

    You can try the betting exchanges but the main one, which has the all important volume and liquidity, hits bigger players with a “premium charge” on any profits they might make.

    You might get lucky in the short term but in the long term I question the 1 in 4 stat for winners. 1 in 10 would be nearer the truth.

  5. Bookie joints are going to make money. It’s why they exist. A belief that you can make money off them is tenuous.

  6. #1 son made small sums with matched betting on football when he got bored with matched betting on stocks and commodities. The bookies closed him down incredibly fast, even though he made attempts to fly under the radar.

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