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How Europe has changed, eh?

Vienna now imports people to shoot up synagogues.

25 thoughts on “How Europe has changed, eh?”

  1. We’re going to lose this cultural war. Talking about things as they really are is illegal. Hate speech in fact. The demographics are only going one way. Half our body politic wants to replace the country that they grew up in. We believed at one point in time that we could import ‘others’ and assimilate them to become ‘us’. We were wrong.

  2. The Stranger within my gate,
    He may be true or kind,
    But he does not talk my talk–
    I cannot feel his mind.
    I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
    But not the soul behind.

    Rudyard Kipling – 1908

  3. But of course, we have to bear in mind that the once in a while attack from someone on the right proves that anyone who votes Tory or voted for Brexit is a homicidal racist, whereas weekly attacks from followers of the RoP says nothing at all about the RoP, no siree, nothing at all.

  4. Did they actually shoot up a synagogue? That was just Grauniadose crap wonnit? “It’s too early to jump to conclusions but the event was within half a mile of a synagogue, so who do you think we’re implying did it …”?????

    And they are still calling the dead avenger of the prophet a “radicalised person”.

  5. Thank you so much.

    Race riots like those in America could start here, says a report by the Youth Service Development Council, if young coloured immigrants are not “integrated swiftly into society”. This may be right or wrong, but since such integration (what precisely does it mean, anyhow?) is no more than a remote possibility, we had better prepare ourselves.
    In a few years’ time, as we sit smoking our legalised hashish and watching our colour television sets, vaguely hearing the howling of the mob and the crackling of flames approaching from the distance, we must not forget to say a heartfelt “thank you” to all those who will have made it possible.
    To the politicians of all parties and the civil Servants who quite unnecessarily allowed vast numbers of unassimilable immigrants to pour into this country and pretend nothing untoward was happening; to the conspirators who did not mind what was happening so long as it helped to mess up England; to the progressive thinkers who assured everybody that all would be well if we would only be nice to each other – and that if we were not nice to each other, then we could be made to be nice to each other by law.
    To the professional ‘integrationists’ who hold that anyone who believes there is any difference between one race and another is a Nazi; to the journalists who even now, write solemn articles about psychopathic racial agitators as if they were responsible statesmen.
    We must say thank you in fact, to all those who knowingly or unknowingly arranged this interesting little sociological experiment on the English people.

    Peter Simple, 1967 – The Stretchford Chronicles, page 117.

  6. The Peaceful Prophet Steve

    As for My people, children are their oppressors, And women rule over them. O My people! Those who lead you cause you to err, And destroy the way of your paths.

  7. There is no hope. Politicians and commentators alike would rather watch bits of dead citizens being swept up than risk being called a racist by some inbred ungrateful peasant who hates and despises them.

    I have long maintained the hope that eventually, the people of Europe would realise there is no way to live peacefully with the Islamic viper in their nest. However, the supine reaction to COVID oppression has persuaded me that there is no point bothering any longer. People will eat whatever shit is put in front of them.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke in Germany November 3, 2020 at 9:09 am – “Did they actually shoot up a synagogue? That was just Grauniadose crap wonnit?”

    Probably not. But it is the Guardian’s way of saying their readers can care about the victims. It is not as if they were British soldiers or anything. Not even that White. Killing White people is something our rulers always approve of. At least the Guardian does.

  9. Stevedalf the White

    Of course there’s hope.

    We’re still alive, aren’t we? People just aren’t gonna like the solutions, which are as much (or more so) about painful self-examination, responsibility, sacrifice and growth as they are about physically removing brutals.

    Islam is the common cold. Liberal materialism is AIDS.

  10. Seidenstaettergasse synagogue is closed up at night, but it is a road with nice shops and cafes, a bit of a relief from the chaos at nearby Schwedenplatz. I think that this might have been an intelligence fail by the terrorist – unable to shoot up some Jews, they decided to spray the 1st district with bullets instead.

    For the last 30 years or so, Vienna has become the home for increasing numbers of Balkanese and Mid-Easterners as well as the children of Turkish Gastarbeiter. Needless to say that the various Balkan nationalities hate each other but hate the Turks more, there is a constant tension in some parts of the city.

    In the last few years, the government has clamped down on asylum seekers and ensured that the wave of 2015 was ushered through to Germany with few being left behind in the country. But I fear that the damage had been done years before.

  11. OK the Austrian press has some more details: the dead terrorist was a 20 year-old North Macedonian, arrested in 2019 for attempting to travel to Syria He had been released in December. He was carrying an automatic rifle: “kalaschnikow” type, which probably implies a Serbian weapon, Central Europe is awash with them. He also had a fake bomb belt, a pistol and a machete. Pistols and hunting rifles are readily available in DIY shops in the countryside, my missus wouldn’t let me try and buy one so I must admit I don’t know what the rules are.

    At least one other is on the run because a copper was shot after the dead terrorist was killed.

  12. “Probably not. But it is the Guardian’s way of saying their readers can care about the victims. ”

    Guardian readers care for Jewish victims?

  13. The problem is importing people from a culture that has very different values and who have no interest in assimilating. Great, you have an open society, we’ll come in, eventually outnumber you and change it to a Caliphate.

  14. @Bloke inGermany
    “..“Probably not. But it is the Guardian’s way of saying their readers can care about the victims. ”
    Guardian readers care for Jewish victims?..”

    Not at all. But it is important to virtue signal if you are on the left wing.

  15. This culture war is already lost
    When in a minority Muslims whine about islamaphobia
    When they become a majority us infidels will be treated as dogs
    And 2 millennia of European Christian culture will be lost

    But before then we will continue to self-harm by destroying the economy and lives due to hysteria over Chinese flu

  16. Dennis, Who's Got Him A Shootin' Iron

    I suggest you wogs start pressing for liberalized laws regarding gun ownership and carrying.

    We had a spate of lone wolf terror attacks here in the State about five years ago that ended with the lone wolfs being shot dead by armed citizens. Since then we haven’t seen much activity along those lines. I suspect the idea that anyone on the street could shoot them dead the moment they cried “Allah Akbar!” has dampened the enthusiasm for that sort of terrorism.

  17. I looked up the rules on gun ownership in Austria.

    Over 21
    Citizen of the European Economic Area
    Valid reason ( eg self defence)
    Gun training
    Not a loony.

    Which of course prompts the old chestnut “Ha ha, soon I’ll be the only one around here able to prove my sanity !”

    BTW Jontathan 4 dead plus the terrorist and 17 injured.

    Saw footage of one poor chap being gunned down outside an achingly trendy (closed on Mondays) bar on Seitenstettengasse, bastard shot him with rifle and then returned few seconds later and shot him again with his pistol.

  18. ” I looked up the rules on gun ownership in Austria.”

    I’m sure the terrorist/s adhered to the letter of the Law…..

    ” BTW Jonathan 4 dead plus the terrorist and 17 injured.”

    F**king terrible – and entirely preventable.

    When will Western governments put the lives and well-being of their own people ahead of the desire of Third-Worlders to come and live here?

  19. Austria

    BBC: Mostly peaceful murders by muslims in Vienna ended by excessive and violent police killing of male youth

    Boris, Rabb, Priti
    For God’s sake, stop importing hundreds more of these savages every day – turn them back

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