If only there was an MMT guru who could explain!

What do MMTers think would have happened if the Fed had bought $500 billion in bonds in 1998, and announced that the increase was permanent? And why?

Sadly, the MMT guru we have won’t even understand the question.

4 thoughts on “If only there was an MMT guru who could explain!”

  1. You don’t get it. The Left never discuss the past, as thats of no use to them, its already done and dusted. They are looking at the future, when they want to be in control of everything. Everything they propose (or more accurately demand) is not aimed at solving the ostensible problem, its aimed at getting them that power they crave. Ergo whether the idea worked in the past is irrelevant, all that matters is ‘Will it give me power tomorrow?’

    They don’t care if MMT will ‘work’ or not, they have no interest in debating its efficacy, its just a vehicle, a means to an end. Like every other idea or societal group the Left espouse, they’ll only stand by it while it has use, once thats gone, its history. Its why there’s no point debating with the climate change nutters either, they don’t care tuppence about CO2 or global heating, they just want the power that the concept provides.

  2. He won’t explain… he’s too busy picking a fight with George Turner and Richard Brooks over, uh, *checks notes*… nothing.

    Just imagine the contribution to global warming from his endless bridge-burning.

  3. aaa – it’s delicious that he’s now falling out with absolutely everyone and anyone who he might have a scintilla of common ground with! Bootiful.

    I also note that his old lefty tax wonk David Quentin (tax barrister) is now calling himself Clair (although Spud refers to him as “Claire”) and David refers to himself as “they”. It’s a fucking odd world we live in.

  4. The T-bags absolutely shit bricks any time someone refers to them by their old-gender name (a process known as “deadnaming”). Why isn’t Clair demanding Spud’s head for this gravest of insults?

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