Is this really punk then?

“My parents were punks, back in the 70s,” says Charlie Manning Walker, otherwise known as Chubby Charles, the leader of UK punk’s most exciting new band, Chubby and the Gang.

Not very epater les bourgeois doing what your parents did, is it?

If it’s Mum teaching you how to gob over the mosh pit…..

7 thoughts on “Is this really punk then?”

  1. By about the mid-1990s it was all done. Every sound, every look. Rock was a mature industry as much as being M&S or Sainsbury’s. Public schoolboys copying what was done before to festival audiences in their 40s. It’s about as rebellious as hearing Vivaldi.

    The people with a punk mentality moved into fields like internet and filmmaking about that time, grasping the new tech that was available.

  2. Just checked them out on YouTube, nowhere near as bad as I was expecting from a MSM music pick. Which usually involves private schooled hipster women whose idea of “underground” music is super radio-friendly woke guff that is 1 month away from being on regular Radio 1 circulation. These guys seems very “punk by the numbers” but are not that. Though the political opinions of this band seem to be woke enough to get the Guardian excited…

  3. Dennis, He Who Refuses To Be A Whiny Bitch

    English Punk died on January 14, 1978.

    “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

  4. Punks- lazy even when it comes to going forth and multiplying. Ian botham managed to get in an extra generation in the same passage of time.

  5. Because nothing says punk quite so much as having a puff piece complete with photo written about you in a national newspaper.

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