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Is this right?

A cartoon always hung in the study of Jonathan Sacks. It showed him with two heads, one wearing his rabbinical barretta-type hat, the other the small skullcap or “kippa” that he wore when he was not conducting services.

Barretta is a type of hat? Not berretta?

12 thoughts on “Is this right?”

  1. Yiddish? Sounds vaguely familiar. How you’d spell it…? I say keppel, but I think that’s a hat I’d wear.

  2. “Kippah” is the Hebrew, for, roughly enough, yarmulka which is the Yiddish. Not the same as this sorta hat being talked about here.

  3. Or rather, one of the two images of Sachs was wearing the kippah/yarmluka, it’s the other one I’m querying

  4. Ah.. the baretta is the 16th/17thC term for the floppy round beret, specifically the ones with the slight brim on them. You still see the things as formal academic wear.

    From my googling it seems the (ultra)orthodox Jews used to wear them well into the 18thC, well after they’d gone out of fashion. Which is…shall we say…typical…

  5. Do you mean those things look like they’ve tried to stick their head up a bear’s bum? See a lot of the frummers round Stamford Hill wearing them.
    And the Yiddish I’m used to hearing has a lot of Russian in it. So some word out of Russian? No point in trying a search. I don’t read cyrillic.

  6. Thing about the fedoras with the wide brim is what do you call the plastic bag usually covers it, when they’re wearing it.

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