John laddie

As well as making jobs more physically punishing, could Amazon eliminate the need for human labour altogether?

It’s not actually possible to do both at the same time…..

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  1. “Only in April did masks become mandatory. “The first month,” she says, “I was asking for antibacterial gel, for wipes … basic things.””

    Why didn’t she order them from Am…

    Oh. Right.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Does Betteridge’s law of headlines apply to sub headers?

    Online retail grew massively in lockdown, and Amazon reaped huge profits. But where is the company’s relentless innovation and automation heading – and is it time to clip its wings?

    I’m going to assume it does and read no further, for now.

  3. ‘and why that could be a threat to us all’

    Couldn’t find that part. Sub making subtitle that doesn’t relate to the actual article?

  4. “Anna says she has to average 360 items an hour (…) This translates as one item every 6.7 seconds.”

    Numeracy must be neoliberal, or something.

  5. 360 items an hour (…) This translates as one item every 6.7 seconds.

    Boy, do the hours drag when you work for Amazon…

  6. Have to average 360 items an hour?

    Order yourself a box of 800 screws.
    Then put your feet up for two and half hours.

  7. BiND,

    “I’m going to assume it does and read no further, for now.”

    I understand why some companies take a beating, but I really can’t fathom the hatred for Amazon. Delivering goods is better for the planet. They make us all richer, they save us time on shopping. They don’t even make much profit, except from AWS (and for many of their services, that’s far easier than running your own servers).

    If you talk to people from organisations like the RNIB, the Echo is amazing for blind people. They think it’s better than dedicated devices and at a fraction of the cost (I did some proof-of-concept stuff around doing banking on an Amazon Echo and it worked nicely).

  8. Gratuitous griping. Canteen chatter.

    One wonders why John Harris, a journalist (finest kind), didn’t ask Anna (not her real name) what she was doing a year ago, before Amazon. Why didn’t John Harris suggest to her to go back to what she was doing, since working for Amazon is sofa king bad?

  9. I presume the keyword is ‘need’. It allows you to keep HR human as it’s pointless and robots are expensive. You can then assign a robot to spend all day pushing HR staff down the stairs, gluing their hands to the desk etc. After all, robots aren’t that expensive.

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