Learn how to aim the damn thing, or else?

Police officer gets final warning after firing Taser five times at suspect who fell in river
Police constable Karl Bassom fired his Taser a total of six times after chasing a suspect on foot and in an Uber taxi

What was the final warning then?

5 thoughts on “Learn how to aim the damn thing, or else?”

  1. So he fired 5 times at the suspect….who did he fire at the 6th time then?
    Or was that self-inflicted in the taxi?

  2. Coppers are having to use Ubers to chase suspects now?
    Not enough patrol cars? Are they that short of money?

  3. Tasers don’t work.

    We see this over and over. For a Taser to have a chance of working, it has to be fired from a minimum of about 8 feet away. This allows the two barbs to hit far enough apart (IIRC about a foot) that the current flowing between the barbs will disable the target.

    a. If you’re too far away, one or both barbs will miss.
    b. If you’re too close, the barbs will hit too close together and instead of disabling, it just hurts a bit.
    c. If you’re at the right distance, but the target is wearing something heavy enough, e.g. leather jacket, then it’s entirely possible that one or both barbs will not penetrate.

    These things are useless. Get rid of them and go back to something that is actually intimidating.

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