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Man’s insane

Stage 3 QE works alongside a transformation of savings. State subsidies to savings – that drive the Ponzi scheme arrangements we have – need to change. So pensions funds, to get tax relief, must save 25% of their new contributions in investments that create new green employment.

The function of investment is to create jobs now, is it?

Teaspoons all ’round then.

Now actually try thinking about this. Investment means buying machines ‘n’ stuff to get work done. That is, exactly the opposite of creating jobs. Because the machines are the automation of the work, aren’t they?

As I say, the man’s insane.

4 thoughts on “Man’s insane”

  1. Simple. On Spudworld, buying the spoons & paying the spooners is investment. Because it produces jobs. QED

  2. Better still, Ritchie could practice what he preaches and invest his own pension into green bonds. Or maybe he already has done so and that is why he is holding out the begging bowl.

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