Seeing off austerity will require the realisation that QE must be used to help finance longer-term measures to deal with regional inequality, the need for secure jobs in every constituency, the repair of our threadbare social infrastructure and the climate crisis.
Colin Hines
Convenor, UK Green New Deal Group

That’s really turning it into a magic money tree, isn’t it?

Just keep printing money until the heart’s desires of the ex-economist of Greenpeace* are achieved.

*I think?

3 thoughts on “MMT!”

  1. ‘our threadbare social infrastructure and the climate crisis’

    WTF is a ‘social infrastructure?’

    As for the ‘climate crisis,’ just ignore it and it will go away.

  2. There is nothing QE can’t achieve, and there are no tough decisions to make on spending. There could be a downside but only one, and we can deal with that without affecting our spending desires or making hard choices.
    It’s called Moar tax. Moar of your resources being directed by the most centralised government we’ve ever had.

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