Mobilise The Proletariat!

What does investing in a sustainable economy look like?

Most important, it is about making the UK’s 30 million buildings energy efficient. Triple glazing. Insulation. New boilers. Heat pumps. And solar power. All done street-by-street by a mass of newly trained people to do the job.

It’s as if he’s never heard of the Great Leap Forward. Or even the Australian Great Green Bodge Job.

20 thoughts on “Mobilise The Proletariat!”

  1. One suspects that the Army of Eco-workers would end up doing more damage to the UK’s housing stock than the Luftwaffe. Imagine the chaos a bunch of unionised jobsworths could do to your house while attempting to replace all the windows and doors, remove the gas boiler and replace it with some untested (and probably useless) heat pump and fit solar panels to your roof. There wouldn’t be anything left fit to live in.

  2. “All done street-by-street by a mass of ”
    Imagine the parking problems. I live near streets that are thrown into chaos by parked vans when just one house is being done up.

  3. I love the concept that the Legions of graduates churned out by institutions willing to employ Murphy will
    Be willing to do this type of work…

  4. Leaving aside the pollution caused by replacing heating systems with years of perfectly servicable life left in them with eco-kit which, if actually any good, will be made in a more ecologically friendly manner a decade or so hence…

  5. I can remember when new piping had to be installed for North Sea gas. A couple of Irishman called and, finding drilling through Georgian stonework bloody hard work, they decided instead to drill a hole through the wooden Georgian door frame. Happily I caught and stopped the buggers.

    Our present house, designed by a mildly distinguished local architect, will soon be a hundred years old. Could we get some sort of listing to protect us from all this nonsense?

  6. “I think a new word is needed that merges green advocates with disaster or failure”. For people who remember a bit of schoolboy French, how about “dégreengolade”?

    {dégringolade: a rapid decline or deterioration (as in strength, position, or condition) : DOWNFALL}

  7. Greetings from Canada.

    The spudnik is stupid hoser who knows fuck-nothing about building insulation, heating, or the capital or operating costs thereof.

    Send him over here. We’ll push him out on a well insulated ice floe.

  8. Or even the Australian Great Green Bodge Job.

    At least I got to say no when the dodgy chancers rocked up to my home at the time and tried to convince me that free insulation was great. I knew the wiring was old and didn’t really want a bunch of cowboys tromping around in my roof space. Leave it alone and you’re ok, disturb it and you get a fire – as many people did.

    “Street by street” makes it sound like a military campaign. Do people get to say no Mr Murphy?

  9. What about all the people living in flats? How are heat pumps meant to work in that situation? Not everyone is a middle class Guardian writer living in a detached house on an acre or two of land.
    As for triple glazing, everything built in the last 15 years or so will be insulated up to the hilt with at least double glazing anyway.
    There is also a problem with having houses so well insulated in a climate like the U.K. has – damp.
    Without sufficient circulation of fresh air you get issues with mold growing. Modern houses and apartments have heat exchangers and ventilation ducts to stop this problem, but insulating old properties without doing that is just asking for problems.

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