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New findings from British academia

Where would we be without all these people not investigating hovercraft, jet engines and nuclear power?

Via email:

The distress caused by the Coronavirus pandemic means parents should maintain the “vital tonic” of the Father Christmas myth for children this year, psychologist urges

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University of Exeter

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12 thoughts on “New findings from British academia”

  1. Most places have either banned Father Christmas or put him in a Perspex booth to keep separate from the kids. I’d say the second solution sounds the worst and most psychologically frightening

  2. @aaa: I think you’ll find that Zwarte Piet has a significant fanbase, including the People of Colour that particular brave is supposed to offend.

    It’s funny how KOZP has no fans in the ex-colonies… On the contrary, that lot would probably be ridden Out of Town on a rail, with the proper tat-and-feather attire..

  3. ‘The psychology and intersectional studies only exist because we stopped burning witches’.

    I’d argue that, back in the good old days, the ratbags who now indulge in psychological and intersectional studies were the witch burners par excellence.

  4. Didn’t Boris take time out from his vital job (of wrecking the economy) to write to a small boy assuring him Santa was exempt from the Covid Lockdown just yesterday?

    OK, he probably farmed it out to a SPAD. But still. That encourages stuff like this.

  5. Surely Father Christmas is:
    White supremacist,
    Cultural appropriation.


  6. In Ireland, a gurning minister declared in the Dail, that Santa was an essential worker and would be exempt from regulations. A fact that was breathlessly reported by the fawning press

  7. Santa could be the ultimate superspreader.

    His personal R number could be Umpteen Gazillion unless he’s obsessive about masks and handwashing. Think of all those presents being unwrapped after he handled them…

  8. Sturgeon is asking everyone in Scotland to use gift cards not presents, feel we’ve gone beyond the pint of ridiculous

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