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No, actually, we don’t believe this

“When we pressed academics and university managers on their best estimate of how many students suffered sexual harassment or abuse, we found surprising agreement,” said one of the authors, John Edmonds, visiting professor at Durham Business School and former general secretary of the GMB trade union. “They believe around 15% of female students and 3% of male students are abused while at university. This equates to about 50,000 students being abused every year.”

Not unless we’re stretching the meaning of the term “sexual abuse” we don’t believe it that is.

Who would allow – let alone aid in, even pressure to do so – their daughters, sisters, future wives etc to go to a place where there’s a greater than one in seven chance of their being sexually abused? That’s just not how humans work.

We all would indeed allow – aid, pressure – them to go off to a place where maybe someone might look at them a bit funny, unwantedly ask if they’re up for a bit and so on. Because that is how humans work.

It’s only if we start to call that second sexual abuse that we end up with people being willing to send the distaff side of life to university.

Yes, rape happens, it shouldn’t and stamp hard on those who do it. Etc. But we can only get to a 15% prevalence by extending the abuse term from that hard end to something so mushy that it’s meaningless.

16 thoughts on “No, actually, we don’t believe this”

  1. One in seven, eh? Didn’t it used to be one in five? So things are getting better then?

    Or perhaps, rape cases have increased from one in five to one in seven. It’s hard to keep up.

  2. Everything depends on the definition. Like Covid.

    The stat I (probably incorrectly) recall from some years back, likewise in a Graun article and quite probably the subject of one of Tim’s posts passim, was that 85% of university students, perhaps even freshers, reported “receiving unwanted sexual advances”. My first thought was what the hell were the other 15% doing wrong?

  3. “academics and university managers on their best estimate…surprising agreement”

    Which itself suggests it’s a bollocks number.

  4. “Not unless we’re stretching the meaning of the term “sexual abuse” we don’t believe it that is.”

    I think there’s a lot of women out there who think of “used” as the same as “abused”. They consider some bloke consensually treating them as a cum sponge for 48 hours and then dumping them as unjust, as abusive. Because they have different ideas about sex than men.

    It seems to me that we never really did that Chesterton’s Fence thing about marriage, did we?

  5. Note that the opening sentence says “sexual harassment or abuse” and from that point on they only refer to abuse. That’s a bit of attempted sleight of hand that disqualifies anything else they try to say.

  6. Similarly with ‘hate crime’. No wonder that’s on the increase, when we’ve decided to define a scrawled ‘NF’ as a hate crime. I guess once you’ve thrown mens rea in the bin, it’s easier to secure a conviction.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    So clearly we need to ban women from attending university until such time as we can sort this out. Perhaps they could be kept somewhere safe, a safe space if you will, under the protection of someone capable of preventing such aggression. We could call the former “home” or even “kitchen” and the latter “fathers” and “husbands”.

    I wonder if High school have the same problem?

    Also 3% of boys? A ban on Gays then

  8. Given increasingly women outnumber men at Uni, some of the blokes are obviously having to put in longer and longer shifts to ensure all the women get sexually harassed. Unless of course the increased female to male ratio is causing there to be an outbreak of aggressive lesbianism?

  9. View from the Solent

    BiG – “My first thought was what the hell were the other 15% doing wrong?”

    They’re probably the 15% who are absolute munters.

  10. Research shows the greater the sex disparity the more extreme is sexual behaviour, but in the reverse direction. Sarah Lawrence (70% girls?) is the most promiscuous college in the States, Science-only colleges (mostly men) are like monasteries by comparison.

  11. Academics being famously socialist….. Why is it everywhere left wing allows industrial quantities of rape?

  12. ” Why is it everywhere left wing allows industrial quantities of rape?”

    Because shagging the (good looking) students is seen as a perk of professorship?

  13. ‘how many students suffered sexual harassment’


    ‘They believe around 15% of female students’

    So what was the total harassed?

  14. “what the hell were the other 15% doing wrong?”. Nothing. They’re just more focussed on the purpose of University, which is enjoying themselves in preparation for life, so none of it is unwanted. When they graduate they’ll probably run a string of sex shops, or get to be Prime Minister.

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