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One of those things

Anyone who has ever been a journo gets bombarded with these things, PR announcements for this and that.


Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 13th Global Family Office Investment Summit on December 7-9, 2020 at the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah
Recognised as the World’s No. 1 Investment Conference,
The Most Exclusive and Influential Gathering of Family Wealth, Where Family Office Investing is not Quarantined.

Apparently lots of super people, the current Count Bismark, a Yugoslav princeling and so on.

And giving the thing a quick eyeball before deleting:

Lord Carmine Villani, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway’s BHH & MFO Global Partners Private Office, USA, London, Monaco, HK. CIO & MD of Saudi Crown Holdings, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Lord Villani? Not heard of that one. Apparently this bloke. And this bloke. And for some reason I seem to think that the Lord part is from summat like a Lord of the Manor, this time of Glencoe. Didn’t know the Scots did that but still.

Then there’s this bloke:

Count Eric F Charles de Villeneuve, President, The Ascotian Club, United Kingdom

The Ascotian Club is apparently a set of tennis courts in London.

H.R.H. Princess Léa of Belgium, espoused to the late Prince Alexandre of Belgium, and aunt of King Philippe of Belgium

Book now, eh?

19 thoughts on “One of those things”

  1. Forward it to Capt Potato – they sound like his kind of people and fingers crossed that the date doesn’t clash with the Cambridgeshire Model Railway Enthusiasts’ Car Boot Sale.

  2. There’s a guy I know here bought one of those Lords of the Manor thingies & uses the title. That rolled gold cvntishness.
    “​HRH Prince Faisal is a prominent member of the HOUSE OF SAUD. He is a businessman, Investor and a Philanthropist.”
    I’ll bet he is. Especially amongst the sorely pressed Russian hooker community

  3. Alongside all the usual suspects listed as advisers to Saudi Crown Holding I was surprised to spot:

    Bishop Agey Simon Apana: Senior Executive Adviser, Regional Director For Africa

    Bishop Simon holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology (1997) and Doctorate in Theology/Religious Studies (2001) from Christ Universal Spiritual School of Practical Christianity, College of Bishops, Calabar Nigeria, and a Diploma in Non violence Conflict Resolution : Fonkem Serminer, Institut français du Cameroun BUEA (1996).


    Senior Lecturer Tungi Comprehensive Collage; 1993-1995.

    Apostle and National Chairman of the General Fellowship of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Cameroon: 1999-2004.

    Bishop of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star for Ghana : 2004-2006.

    Bishop of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star for Zambia and Zimbabwe : 2006-2008.

    International President Association of Brotherhood Academic Scholars (ABAS): 2009-2012.

    Field Surperintendent Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Collage of Bishops : 2012-Date.

    Senior Adviser to the CEO of Saudi Crown Holding : 2014-Date

    The interesting CV leaves out the bit where he supported the Ambazonia separatist movement in Cameroon (not making that name up by the way).

    It’s also a rather interesting church, according to wiki:

    Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS) is a religious organisation, and was founded in 1956 by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. It differs from mainstream Christianity in that it maintains that BCS is not a church but the new Kingdom of God on Earth and that its founder, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, is the Holy Spirit personified, the God of all creation; while His first begotten Son His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu is the returned Jesus Christ. BCS incorporates into Christian teaching ideas of Incarnation, Decarnation, reincarnation and traditional African religions.

    Central belief: Love towards other men.[2]

    God: God is biospiritually interconnected with all things in nature, is male and female, and good and evil.[3]

    Jesus: Jesus did not have time to fully communicate his beliefs before crucifixion, and Obu’s role has been to explain, expand upon and add to his teaching. This is why a part of Brotherhood teaching has no counterpart in either the Old or the New Testament.[4] His son, Rowland, continues to add to the teachings. BCS followers suggest that Obu’s achievements have been superior to that of Jesus.[3]

    Reincarnation: Because of a belief in the transmigration of souls between humans and animals, BCS members practice vegetarianism and veganism.[5] (They are also teetotal.)

    Medicine: The BCS website expressly says that “BCS do not believe in medicine of any form”.[5]

    Olumba Olumba Obu: In official BCS literature, it is suggested that Obu has the attributes of God,[5] although Obu has gone on record as saying “I am not Jesus Christ or God.”.[6] BCS believes that calamity will come if the world does not worship Obu as God.[7]

    I’m trying to work out why this guy is “qualified” to provide Saudis with investment advice. If he was a prominent local political/cultural figure, particularly in a resource-cursed area, I could see it as a local shakedown thing, but he seems to be a rather fringe figure who lives in exile in London.

    Still sounds more interesting a guy to meet than most of the sub-minor aristocrats on Timmy’s list.

  4. The Club doesn’t seem to have any actual tennis courts in UK, merely a mailing address in, amusingly, Ely Place.

  5. Jesus. Come friendly bombs, fall on Dubai.

    A collection of dodgy Arabs, with a smattering of Eurotrash to make the camel-jockeys think they’re moving in exalted circles and of course a legion of leeches (inc. ‘Sir’ Anthony) trying to smarm a few quid out of the oil magnates. You’d need to bathe in Clorox after that.

    Ritossa et al are no different to the Russian hookers.

  6. From a previous thread:

    “My experience is the proudest FRSAs are the kind of people who, in its original incarnation, would never have been invited – and they’re unfailingly (in my limited but not negligible sample size) up-themselves Grade A A-holes.”

    Of course I have no personal experience whether this applies to

    Prof. Sir Anthony Ritossa (FRSA)
    “Serving Others is the Greatest Form of Wealth”

    But I feel he’s dropping some unsubtle hints…

  7. Ritossa has a connection with Vertical Financial Holdings. What’s the word on the street about that organisation?

  8. More and more I feel that anyone who falls for these kinds of things totally deserves whatever is coming to them.

  9. Ely Place, although located in London, is actually part of Cambridgeshire. London plod has no jurisdiction there. And a nice pub Ye olde Mitre. I bet Jussi knows it

  10. @dio

    Nice story re Ely Place but sadly not true about its jurisdiction – it was extra-parochial in church terms, but never (as far as I can tell) part of Cambs nor outside police authority. See

    There were many county exclaves including in London but these largely got tidied up under the and then the

  11. Quite fun for lovers of wiggly lines on maps:

    Counter-exclave – an exclave of the surrounding county within an exclave. Also known as a second-order exclave.

    Counter-counter exclave – a county had an exclave in another county which had a counter-exclave within it, and within this was an exclave of the same county as the first exclave. Also known as a third-order exclave. There used to be one in Wales (see Caernarvonshire in the list), and ten in the Shropshire exclave of Halesowen.–1974

  12. MBE, my information was gathered from the menu at Ye Olde Mitre, which referred to cases where Cambridge Constabulary were called in to make arrests. Is there a better source than Ian or Wikipedia?

  13. @dio

    Tour guides tell the story too but I can’t see any truth in it, there are quite a lot of myths about jurisdictions in London arising from the ancient Liberties. But this tale doesn’t seem to fit with what I know about any real exclaves. If the story were correct it would be relatively easy to find the legal basis for the transfer of jurisdiction – it is one of those claims easier to prove (if true) than debunk (if false).

    Wiki states the claim is countered in H.V. Morton’s “Ghosts of London” (1940, p. 89) but I’ve not read it.

    The blogger doesn’t cite all his sources but I can’t see why he’d make up the arrest of a thief there in May 1848 (apparently from a contemporary news source so a shame he didn’t cite it) but he does give a hyperlink to A Collection of Decisions in the Courts for revising the Lists of Electors, which seems consistent with his description of it.

  14. I have just found this

    Back at Ely Place, I head down a narrow lane between Numbers 9 and 10 to reach the Olde Mitre, a charming tavern in Ely Court dating from 1546 (it can also be accessed from Hatton Garden). It was founded to serve the staff of neighbouring Ely Palace and, until the 1980s, had its operating hours decided by magistrates in Ely, Cambridgeshire

  15. And policemen are not above a bit of mission creep, are they? That’s why we have courts and Parliament… They sometimes do their job

  16. @dio

    Yes the story about the pub’s magistrates is repeated elsewhere too albeit with varying dates (which makes me somewhat suspicious, though wouldn’t surprise you if there were some truth in it) but if it ever had been a true exclave of Cambs it ought to be straightforward to identify when the transfer occurred.

    Historic county boundaries are the kind of thing the are interested in but I couldn’t spot anything relevant from them at first glance.

  17. Another “source”

    Many tales persist that the land of Ely Place is still under the control of Ely and that the police are not allowed to arrest any offender on that land. The fact of the matter is that because Ely Place has associations with Ely – for historic reasons – the Metropolitan Police are at liberty to make an arrest on the land but, as a courtesy to the police in Ely, they send the relevant documents to them for information.

  18. Ely Place is a beautiful wide little street, looks like it’s all law offices, though it ends on a high dead end wall, for some reason. Nice Catholic Church, too, st Etheldreda’s, I think, with a posh priest saying Latin mass including a prayer for the queen at the end, or used to. The Bishop of Ely’s palace was broken up in the reformation, and Christopher Hatton bought the garden, qv. The Mitre is a very cute place to meet foreign visitors, and belongs on any good pub crawl of pre-Great-Fire pubs in that part of town.

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