Seems a bit strange

Daily Telegraph campaign praised after Government says ban on children’s sport will end after lockdown

Everything is going to return after lockdown, isn’t it?

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  1. Why would you assume that, after tasting the sweet fruit of successfully frightening billions of people into allowing the authorities to boss them around and micromanage their behaviour in ways not seen in Western democracies since The Blitz, that our betters intend to stop? Ever?

    They’re literally boasting about the economic destruction environmental benefits being a Great Reset. I.e. permanent.

    FACT CHECK: The Great Reset is a crazy conspiracy theory promoted by dangerous lunatics who claim, without evidence, that globalist oligarchs concerned international financiers and the permanent bureaucracy don’t have your best interests at heart. BAD THOUGHT. BAD THOUGHT. BAD THOUGHT. You are fined one credit for a violation of the verbal morality statute.

  2. I live opposite a senior school sports ground in England- they have been playing sports since returning after summer hols. Parks are full of people too (there’s nothing else too do after all), only the weirdos (oh & the government) are in fear of their lives now…

  3. But the “already fecked-up due to 8 months of pointless restrictions “physical and mental health of the rest of the population is of minimal importance to our useless leader.

    One might almost think that this impressionable generation is being groomed to believe that it all wasn’t so bad really, all the better to fool you again next time my obedient pets.

  4. Andrew C – you’re kind but I’ve been embarassed by that line ever since I subsequently saw it popping up all over the place today.

    In any case, I suspect that we will have something akin to the European Constitution being rebadged as the Lisbon Treaty with most of us stuck in Tier 3 with no chance of remission.

    The Govt has to continue digging to justify the huge crater it’s already dug.

  5. I’ve been looking at second wave descent curves from history – if the descent is steep, like the crooked side of Rosebery Topping for example then it means it was due to epidemiological effects. If the descent is shallower than the journey up it means the turning point was due to some combination of voluntary and compulsory interventions and a third wave will come after restrictions are lifted and people mingle again.
    I so hope the current decline is epidemiological just to see the faces on the totalitarians from Hancock to Sridhar who denied that collective resistance is a thing.

  6. I so hope the current decline is epidemiological

    You mean like the one in April?

    Anyone with a conscience would have seen that and said “job’s a good’un”. Unfortunately hancock and co are politicians.

  7. I spent today pounding the streets and footpaths of Oxford, while waiting for my car to be serviced. Eerily quiet.

  8. I’m finding this fascinating. Most of the people I know here think all this is a load of bollocks. We’re in municipal quarantine & a lot of energy’s being expended in getting across he frontier from one municipality to another past the police checks. The popular opinion on here is it’s bollocks. The people I talk with up in France are of the same opinion. Likewise my UK-side mates.
    So who is in favour of it? Since we’re all supposed to be democracies, where’s the authority coming from to enforce it?
    One of the little annoyances they’ve brought in here is that you can’t smoke at a table outside a bar. Bar owner & smoker cops a hefty fine. And since that’s the only place you don’t have to wear a mask, technically you can’t smoke anywhere outside. So is that law going to go, when Coronapanic’s over? Or have they stealthy introduced a public smoking ban as a free gift to the anti-smoking lobby? How many other freedoms are we going to find have disappeared without any debate?

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