So here’s an idea for Owen Jones

Why not spend your own book royalties on it? You know, invest, be a capitalist.

21 thoughts on “So here’s an idea for Owen Jones”

  1. The corporate media has failed him. Boo hoo. Think how tiresome he could be of say the Guardian or book publishers gave him any sort of platform.

  2. I think this is exactly what Jones is doing isn’t it? The people on Patreon aren’t “investing”, rather they’re providing the income for the new subscription-based model he’s taking a punt on setting up. If anyone’s “investing”, indeed following our usual definition of “entrepreneur” by trying to bring resources together to produce an output that they can receive an income stream for, it’s Jones. Credit to him for having a go, wonder if he’ll feel any pain off hypocrisy for it? Might just teach him a thing or two about seeing things from the other side. Or then again, might not.

  3. She is a twat-faced cuntish twat isn’t she? But I take the high road because I am better thant that.

    I can never grow tired watching Shampoo (1975) ending

    “it’s not too late yet. we’re not dead yet, that’s when it’s too late” parapharasing. I think that is one of the most romantic lined ever uttered on silver screen.

  4. Ignore the fucking obvious spelling mistakes. I’ve forgotten that one should always check one’s homework. Ghastly, isn’t it…

  5. I hope there’s some money in it for Owen. He probably clears around 5-6 grand per month with all this nonsensical utter rubbish. Kudosh to him. I had to work for my lolly the hard way.

  6. @Jussi “He probably clears around 5-6 grand per month…. Kudosh”

    Have you just invented a new word?

    Kudos for someone making dosh.

  7. Andy, this is what I see as a bloody foreigner, constant racism, ridicule – because English is not my first language. When I typed that I knew I made a mistake but I assumed you lads would be above all that – obviously I assumed wrong. I will revert to my John Betjeman collection in order to brush my ghastly use of this dastardly language they call “English”.

  8. Brutish? At least English only has 1 case*. Much academic blood continues to be spilled over how many yours has.

    * outside of Yorkshire**.

    ** and excusing the dying gasp of a genitive being gibbeted on what is left of some uses of the apostrophe.

  9. Actually Jussi, I was complimenting you. Accepting that it was probably accidental I thought it was a rather clever combination of the two words and works very well.

    Language changes all the time and “Kudosh” works perfectly as an expression of admiration for someone who has made lots of money.

  10. Shakespeare invented lots of words*. He would probably have been pleased with kudosh.

    *He’s credited with having invented the word pedant.

  11. Well….you can all just piss off as far as I am concerned, fuck off to put it more bluntly, and I will most likely be here tomorrow.

  12. If people are prepared to give you £3-5K/month (which seems to be the current Patreon donations), why invest your own money?

    That said, this is a bad idea:-

    “But I need to hire an incredible team – videographers, editors and producers – all on a union wage”

    You really don’t want clock-punching union guys for this sort of work. Find a couple of young talented guys and form a collective where you get shares in the profits, like if you were a band.

  13. @jussi

    Well I’m sorry you feel that way. I was genuinely impressed with what I thought was a new word which I think would be an excellent addition to the English language.

  14. Jussi, what you were doing is plain for all to see…..channeling Sean Connery.

    And don’t worry about your poor English, it’s better than the ewok gibberish most of our comprehensive school educated kids use.
    Finally, I personally subscribe to Bruce Willis, “Hey Lady, I speak two languages, English and bad English”.

  15. Why invest your own money when the world is full of credulous mugs willing to lose theirs? Ask Jolyon and all the masters of it in the recent crowdfunding wheezes.

  16. I’d happily pay the boy Jones a monthly fee if he’d bugger off to some remote island (where his Internet connection could be cut off). Better still if there were only women* there, no scheduled ships or plane and it was surrounded by sharks.

    * actual human women not guys with tits.

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