So I was doing a piece for the Americans….

….and it’s about the holidays. Obviously, it is the holidays for them.

I ask the editor – do tell me if this is too mawkish, won’t you?

Answer: holiday pieces are supposed to be mawkish.

Me: Ah, so it is then, eh?

Not published as yet so you can’t check this as yet……

6 thoughts on “So I was doing a piece for the Americans….”

  1. Mawkish? That’s one of those words that can have a range of meanings depending on what the user wants to convey. Is the emphasis on the sentimental or the sickly? It’s a dangerous word to use in a pitch.

  2. Wasn’t in the pitch. Regular column, this week’s installment, just a note to go with the piece – on the already agreed subject – that I sent in.

  3. TMB, I always thought the emphasis is on the sickly in the way that people clapping like retarded seals for “our NHS” made me want to vomit.

  4. Dennis, He Who Remains Unpublished

    Tell your idiot editor that holiday pieces are supposed to be good. Whether they are mawkish is only relevant if it keeps the piece from being good… which appears to be exactly what you were asking him.

  5. Can I just divert to bang on about something I posted on here months/years ago about Mohammed bin Salman? I said that there was a school of thought that he was a genuine reformer and things might change fundamentally. Yes, the war in Yemen is brutal and the Khashoggi murder disgusting. BUT. Israel has signed peace accords with a number of Arab countries and may be about to with Saudi. Women working and driving have been declared OK. Slow steps but maybe, just maybe, he IS that reformer

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