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The arts graduates

Princess ‘paid £1.2bn to bodyguard lover’
Princess Haya showered expensive gifts on her British bodyguard during their affair, it has been claimed

Well, you know, hunky Brit, why not presents and lasciviousness? But a billion and change looks like a lot:

Princess Haya, the ex-wife of the ruler of Dubai, paid a British bodyguard £1.2 million and gave him gifts including a £50,000 Purdey shotgun, watches and cigars, it has been claimed.

Ah, million. The curse of the arts graduates and numbers strikes again.

6 thoughts on “The arts graduates”

  1. Oh, that’s the bint from the post above is it?. Problem with reading your posts from top to bottom. Nah. Wouldn’t give that more then a 7. The slap & the photographer are doing a lot of work there.

  2. Geez. Cuckolding an Arabian monarch seems like the kind of dangerous liaison more suited to Sir Harry Flashman.

    You’d think Sheikh Mohammed might’ve sent the guy on a special visit to the Saudi Embassy, but tbf mebbe he didn’t notice one of his wives was missing.

  3. BiS, BiC – you’d both do her for 12 billion though!

    I’m with Steve on this. That she’s not a 10 makes no odds. Rogering an Arab despot’s missus scores chap points.

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