To bring you up to date on little Big Sis

Another book out, Three Hundred Bridesmaids.

Well worth it, read on etc.

Were any of your characters inspired by real people?

My characters are, of course, entirely imaginary and most definitely bear absolutely no resemblance to anyone

Err, yes.

I tend not to do that much research. My book Three Hundred Bridesmaids is set in 1976, a year I remember really well,

Well, yes. It’s set at a place which isn’t a million, million, miles from the place she went to school. The year being around when she was there.

An independent school in Dorset has fallen into administration after being hit with “considerable challenges” caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

St Mary’s Shaftesbury, a private Roman Catholic day and boarding school for girls aged nine to 18, had been operating at a loss for some time, according to a letter sent out by the board of governors.

But then always draw upon experience to write your fiction, right?

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