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Tsk subs, really, tsk

Wombats’ deadly bums: how they use their ‘skull-crushing’ rumps to fight, play and flirt

That’s right. And on the front page:

Wombat’s deadly bums

That second is the more interesting vision of course…..

3 thoughts on “Tsk subs, really, tsk”

  1. Quite a lot there about their violent mating techniques…
    Although they do say Australian romance is asking first.

  2. I knew they were dangerous. I used to watch on utube an absolute crazy aussie (i know that doesn’t narrow it down too much) but he was basically a cross between steve irwin and the bush tucker guy. His thing was to go into the bush track or wait for the animal he was after and capture dot dot…with his bare hands, take a video with it in his arms then let it go.

    – Here’s the the wombat one.

    another good watch is him going ferreting for rabits, but instead of ferrets he uses venomous snakes he finds in the bush, that he picks up and puts down the warren entrances.

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