Umm, what?

If approved, the move could pave the way for other rail and underground stations to be reviewed, with stops such as East India and Canning Town also highlighted for its past associations with the slave trade.

East India Company slavery did of course exist. To whatever extent the Moghul etc entities had slavery before the EIC arrival. As to Canning Town, umm, what’s the supposed connection? Named, apparently, after a Viceroy of India that’s got very little to do with slavery. Indeed, it didn’t really exist – being marshland – before the end of slavery.

So, what are they talking about?

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  1. I think it’s just the usual ‘I hate whites’ nonsense.

    I can only argue that I believe the Brits were some of the best rulers India had, until the democracy which I prefer. One can look at Manchu rule in China instead. Or Turkish rule in the Ottoman empire.

  2. @ Boganboy “Brits were some of the best rulers India”

    I don’t know enough about India to comment on that but it’s a general theme that the white man arrived wherever he did and crushed and enslaved locals who lived in peace and love and harmony in a land of milk & honey. Which is obvious bollocks.

  3. It’s very simple Tim; the Establishment seems to hate the English.

    The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history.

    Milan Kundera

    That’s the whole purpose behind tearing down statues of great Englishmen, historical revisionism where the English are always the bad guys, ‘ problematic’ white authors being cancelled, the ‘de-colonisation’ of Universities, casting Africans and Asians as English characters or people like Lammy and Khan claiming to be actually English.
    It’s why we’re told that the English are a mongrel people who have no culture of their own and that the England that existed before mass third-world immigration was a dull, grey, lifeless place whose inhabitants lived in a state of permanent squalor and despair.
    It is quite deliberate and it is not being done for the benefit of the English people.

  4. @BiND – The EU has been seeking to acquire tax-raising powers from the member states for quite some time so I don’t imagine that in the medium term this would be all that much of a constraint.

    More problematic might be the anomalous nature of the Euro because it’s no single polity’s responsibility. So when international confidence in the Euro ebbs it will do so quickly and dramatically. The only thing that will make the Euro a “proper” currency is political union.

    Once this happens, my suggestion is that each of the western German Länder adopts another piece of European territory (what would previously have been an EU Member State) so that for example Schleswig-Holstein supports Portugal, Lower Saxony picks up Spain, Northrhine-Westphalia chums up with France and Bavaria and Greece would be a perfect match.

    I imagine that the Visegrad Four might bale out of the EU prior to political union and wouldn’t it be fun if the eastern Länder decided to secede from the Federal Republic and join the Visegrexiteers at the same time.

  5. @ Jonathan “It’s why we’re told that the English are a mongrel people”

    Too true.

    As in ‘Britain is a land of immigrants, look at the Romans, Vikings and Normans”

    To which my reply is always that the last of those was around a 1,000 years ago and each of them involved a slaughter and enslavement of many of the locals at the time so why should they be a recommendation for mass immigration?

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    The Normans were settlers from Norse tribes who settled in the area and were given the land, hence Normandy. They did intermix with the locals.

    There’s a good reason there isn’t much of a genetic trace of the Normans in UK. They were basically an elite running the country but they kept to themselves. They maintained their own language and customs and only allowed a few outsiders in, very few married out.

    James Hawes talks about it here:

  7. “each of the western German Länder adopts another piece of European territory”
    Panzer, Marsch! You can just hear the engines spooling up cant you.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    Thanks. Its back to the politics of the Euro I suppose. Perhaps Italy will be the straw we thought Greece was going to be?

  9. TMB – Re being neighbourly

    “my suggestion is that each of the western German Länder adopts another piece of European territory”

    An alternative might be ceding bits instead?

    Schleswig-Holstein > Denmark
    The western bits shared between Benelux and France.
    Bavaria might anschluss with Österreich
    The east could be interesting.

    Not sure sure at that stage what one might call the rump?

  10. Bavaria might anschluss with Österreich

    This was being touted seriously a few years back, when relations between the Kingdom and Berlin has hit a particular low.

    East Germany has a lot of potential irrendentist claims in Poland in fact all the way to the Lithuanian border, not to mention repopulating Bohemia with the Sudetendeutsch who were expelled after the war.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    Mr Ears is not in the building!

    A senior moment already* 🙁

    Thanks, TMB.

    *Mrs BiND commented this morning that she thinks its a result if she goes to the fridge and remembers what she went for!

  12. PF – yes, but giving chunks of Germany to economically viable bits of N Europa won’t do much to help S Europa, always assuming you don’t want to let the moors have it back which is another possibility, of course.

    Otto – My suggestion of a new Visegradia might solve this, though I grant you that unvelveting Czecho and Slovakia plus Poland, Hungary and the GDR may be a bit pie in the sky. Might be quite nice to live there though if you no longer feel at home at home.

    BiND – remind me: which one’s the fridge?

  13. The invading Normans were in fact Normans, Bretons, Flemings, and presumably some others.

    The reason that the “Norman” Geoffrey of Monmouth could write about King Arthur was that Geoffrey was in fact a Breton and could therefore understand the Welsh folklore about Arthur.

    Of course Normans, Bretons, and Flemings add up to a bunch who were very similar racially to the British they conquered in England, and even to those they were invited to live among in Scotland. In the latter they assimilated easily, in the former I don’t know – was it slower? Anyway it had happened by the 14th century.

  14. Actually, TMB, talking of irredentism, the Hungarians still have it – in spades. Large chunks of Romania, Serbia and of course the whole of Slovakia would be re-absorbed. Croatia and Bosnia, strangely enough not, because although it was part of the Hungarian half of the Empire, Franz Ferdinand was going to make it an autonomous state .

  15. past associations with the slave trade

    Why is there no movement to abolish, for example, Bristol and Liverpool?

  16. ‘So, what are they talking about?’

    The destruction of Western Civilization. They don’t give a rat’s arse about slavery. They use it because YOU care.

    The Left has found it quite useful to hold up the West for not meeting Western mores. In this case, in ancient history (!). The ironing being that whatever replacement they have, will HAVE NO SUCH MORES.

    “You have a horrible record with women’s rights. Therefore, we are going to replace your government with one that doesn’t ever recognize women’s rights.”

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