Well done here, well done

It’s pretty good to get kicked out of – which is effectively what happened here – of an organisation you were a founding member of:

I refused the fait accompli that I was presented with, which was that if I wished to be included in the book then I must accept the edits that I did not agree with, and to cut a long story short Patrick Allen expelled me as a consequence of that refusal.

I realise now that I made a mistake in joining PEF. I thought it was a collective with a Council. It turned out it was an autocracy with the power to expel dissident opinion.

On the PEF website it says:

We received the sad news that our great friend and colleague

Amazingly, this wasn’t about Snippa.

11 thoughts on “Well done here, well done”

  1. Amazing when someone turns his own comments policy back on him isn’t it – they reserve the right to publish what they want, etc.

  2. Spud falls out with everyone sooner or later if they don’t slavishly accept everything he says as being equivalent to the 10 commandments.

  3. It sounds like “cut a long story short” misses out the interesting bits.
    My guess is that Ritchie is fibbing and PEF is indeed a collective with a Council, just a lot of council members weren’t interested or said nothing, as tends to happen in councils.

  4. The Progressive Economics Forum? Its list of council members is impressive in collecting together all the usual suspects. But I see Willy Hutton is involved, so how long before it goes bust?

  5. I do hope his expulsion was accompanied with something like

    You’re clearly a neo-liberal troll and that was your last comment here
    Right-thinking people tend to agree with me so you’ve just made your final contribution here

  6. That none of the usual suspects on PEF Council (thanks for the link in a comment on another thread, Sam) stood up for him does rather suggest that he’s being less than candid about what happened here.

    Either that, or they too hate his fucking guts and couldn’t wait to be rid of him.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s pretty good to get kicked out of – which is effectively what happened here – of an organisation you were a founding member of

    Looks like Spud is acting as if he’s *the* founding member rather than *a* founding member and thinks it should bow to his will.

  8. He refused to accept being edited by a “progressive” group – that is unlikely to be on political grounds: presumably Murphy was simply very obviously wrong.

  9. He’s coming around. He sees that collective leads to autocracy. This may be a learning experience (as they say).

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