Well John, here’s how it works

John Boyega has said he is genuinely worried that his impassioned speech at a Black Lives Matter protest in London in June will have damaging consequences for his career.

“Absolutely. I still have those thoughts,” he said in an interview, reflecting on the moment when he addressed the rally so memorably and powerfully.

You have the right – short of libel and incitement to immediate violence – to say anything you like. The right. You also have the duty to accept the consequences. The duty.

Rights without duties don’t work, d’ye see?

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  1. ” You also have the duty to accept the consequences. ”

    The left are always big on consequences, except when they experience them. In reality though, I doubt he’ll suffer any problems at all from being an anti-white activist.

  2. Do you think it should also work that way if you get canned for saying stuff that’s no longer in the Overton window of a woke employer?

  3. Please. Does *anyone* actually think Boyega will have anything other than major career plus points from making pro-BLM speeches?

    Laurence Fox on the other hand…

  4. ““I’ve been stopped and searched,” he said. “And my dad, who was a Pentecostal minister, got stopped on the way back from church. I was little. Everybody knows, especially if you grew up in Peckham, somebody who’s gone through the darkest scenarios with the police.””

    Stop carrying knives and stabbing each other over beef then.

    The police will happily go back to hassling anyone suspected of having a cup of tea with someone not in their family bubble…

  5. Sounds like work isn’t flowing in at the speed Mr Boyega would have hoped for.

    Maybe he shouldn’t have made so much fuss about being replaced by Jo Malone in their ads for the Chinese market.

    Never piss off the biggest dogs when they’re not exactly over-partial to certain races in the first place.

  6. I would think not being a very good actor is probably going to do more harm to his career.

    Also, the shitty remakes of Star Wars. The original Star Wars didn’t exactly have casting directors scrambling over each other to hire Mark Hammil, Carrie Fisher, or Henry Kissinger (Yoda).

  7. The wipipo are racist because they think Boyega, Hamilton and Joshua aren’t worth paying to see anymore. Didn’t occur to any of them that slagging off the people who were fans would cause problems?

  8. Star Wars had one big success story: Harrison Ford, who became a megastar. The others not so much. Since the level of acting was such that Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill looked decent, I think we can take it as read that a lifetime of appearing at ComicCons awaits much of the cast.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    I can see a future interviewer asking him whether calling your customers thick racists was the wisest move in the world.

    But I doubt it will hurt the willingness of Hollywood types – who also hate the West after all – to hire him.

  10. Boyega did a decent job of portraying an aggressive violent thug in Attack the Block. The gritty realism was probably what attracted the woke middle classes to him as it made them feel smug they don’t live in a shitty council estate. Instead they have cushy state teat jobs directing funds to “help” those who do have to live there.

  11. the darkest scenarios with the police

    Horrors. Yet the ‘black community’ doesn’t seem to mind the oft-repeated dark scenario where Plod turns up at a woman’s door and tells her that her promising footballer and aspiring DJ son bled out on a nearby street.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    Have look at the gloves he’s wearing. They look like these or something similar.

    I’m betting he didn’t ride in on a motorbike and the only other reason you’d wear gloves with built in knuckledusters is if you’re planning on doing some real harm to someone. Having knuckledusters used to get you arrested, I don’t see why it shouldn’t now.

  13. Star Wars had one big success story: Harrison Ford, who became a megastar. The others not so much


    Mark Hammil – cartoon voiceovers and one of those embarrassing Jay and Silent Bob movies

    Carrie Fisher – minor supporting roles in the Blues Brothers (hit) and Drop Dead Fred (flop) and a major supporting role in the cocaine industry

    Billy Dee – adverts for malt liquor

    Gay British robot – Star Wars conventions and videogames

    Midget speech impediment robot – playing a midget in other fantasy films

    Warwick Davis – see above (he’s a funny guy tho, loved him in that Ricky Gervais sitcom, Willow was a pretty good film too tho let down by Richie Cunningham’s shitty direction)

    Alec Guinness and Peter Cushing – phoned it in for the money, dear boy

    Jabba the Hutt – Shadow Home Secretary under Jeremy Corbyn

    James Earl Jones did ok, but he has one of the greatest voices in showbusiness. WHERE IS MY SON AKEEM?

  14. BiND

    During this summers riots the black hero who carried the badly beaten white guy on his shoulder was inconveniently wearing something similar (I read that Kevlar was involved, it’s very hard wearing).

    Once this was pointed out the story, and the hero, disappeared down the memory hole along with any questions of how the white guy came to be in his bloodied condition,

  15. @John, Rosie Kinchen penned a puff piece about him in last week’s Sunday Times. Apparently, he’s established a charity with his gang mates.

  16. “the darkest scenarios with the police”

    Boyega should consider the Met Police’s Ethnicity of Perpetrators of knife crime, 2008-2018 (FoI release): of the 30,486 perpetrators, 14,527 were afro-caribbean, while 9744 were white European, and the remainder were other non-white ethnicities.

    With 47.65% of knife crimes in London committed by blacks over a 10 year period when blacks were about 14% of London’s population, the police are fully justified in stopping and searching a disproportionate number of blacks.

    But, hey, it’s all structural racism, innit?

  17. @Steve
    A bit unfair to Billy Dee Williams, who had a decent but not stellar career post Star Wars – certainly a lot better than Leia and Luke. I thought he showed style in The Empire Strikes Back, which was why I didn’t understand why there was the oohing over Donald Glover in Solo, who I thought wasn’t of the same calibre. Not to mention Solo was terrible.

  18. Steve,

    “I would think not being a very good actor is probably going to do more harm to his career.”

    Two* ways to be an actor: 1) be a proper ac-tor to the point where you can convincingly play semi-retards* (Dustin Hoffman, Daniel Day-Lewis etc) 2) have awesome screen presence so that just turning up as you brings the crowds (Idris Elba, Harrison Ford, John Wayne).

    Boyega doesn’t have either. No-one has ever said “oh sweet, and it stars John Boyega”. Seriously, stop trying to make Boyega happen.

  19. @ Rowdy

    Now come on, sure he’s probably already pocketed more cash than most people will in their lifetime so won’t necessarily starve.

    What he will lose out on however is what all People of Colour seem to crave – respect. He’s blown it with the majority of his fellow countrymen who now think he is a petulant prick.

  20. “Star Wars had one big success story: Harrison Ford, who became a megastar. The others not so much”

    True. But most big actioners don’t create a lot of stars. In part because the thing itself is the star. Who did well out of Lord of the Rings? Orlando Bloom for a while. I think it helped Viggo Mortensen. But the rest? What’s the last Elijah Wood movie?

    It’s funny watching movie studios trying to make those kids out of Harry Potter into stars, and nothing has stuck.

  21. It shows how famous this chap is, that I’ve confusedly read most of this thread thinking he’s the chap mentioned in one of the early South Park episodes. An ice skater maybe?

  22. Ken – no disrespect intended to Billy Dee, who certainly rocked that cape.

    BoM4 – True. He’s just sort of… there. Inoffensive as an actor (hilariously chippy about wypipo in real life).

    Shame how they neutered his character in Kennedy Wars tho. He had the potential to be the Jayne Cobb of the sequels – ex-stormtrooper bringing the muscle to the service of the good guys. Could’ve been a new type of character for that threadbare franchise – we’ve already seen enough space wizards, charming scoundrels, sassy muppets, etc.

    Somebody willing to wade in and punch the baddies in the face could’ve been a nice change.

    But it’s {Current_Year} so they couldn’t have the buck toothed waif needing to be rescued by no man.

  23. BoM4

    Idris Elba has screen presence?
    Are we talking about the same Idris Elba?

    The one with all the range and gravitas of an old bit of driftwood?

  24. Chernyy: that’s the point. John Wayne only ever played himself – was himself in fact. Harrison Ford has a bit more range – was good in ‘Witness’ though I have no interest in Indiana Jones. Elba just plays a toughish black dude with a slightly better line in dialogue than Jean-Claude V-D or Steven Seagal.

  25. Oddly enough I’ve been stopped by the police on a number of occasions despite being white, on one occasion the officer was quite forthright that every vehicle coming from a particular area got stopped at 3am on a weekend.

  26. There’s a great bit on GoggleBox that I haven’t been able to find the clip for when Trump told the Squad to go fix their original countries.
    The Indian family on the show all agreed being told to go back home was a terrible thing, before all admitting no one had ever said it to them personally.

  27. You see the problems with positive discrimination are many, but the biggest problem is that you cannot hide.

    Boyega is a token, he cannot act and people notice these things. He’s like a female BBC comedy act, everyone who is right-on pretends, but you cannot escape the lack of funnies. You cannot escape the lack of ability, you end up looking like Emma Watson.

    Idris Elba looks like a retarded Lenny Henry.

  28. On what planet does he have to worry about losing work in the entertainment industry? Virtually every media conglomerate is not only supporting, but teaming up with the BLM organizations. Jimmy Fallon interviewed and promoted Robin D’Angelo on his show, FFS.

    Is he just upset that he can’t get EVERY job after voicing woke opinions? I mean, Jesus dude.

  29. Corona virus restrictions on free assembly and work might have had something to do with actors getting no work. And now resting actors are unemployed from their service industry jobs as waiters as well. Tough life being an actor.

  30. Thinking of this thread i watched john in a couple of videos I wouldn’t normally click. IMO The most likely thing to damage his career is his criticism of his employers- Disney. He piled blame on them for his Star wars role’s poor character development and yes in so doing he answered aliG’s question in the affirmative. That, more than a critical speech over the wider world, poses a far more significant risk of a studio overlooking him for a role. It’s reasonable to expect employers to want to protect their brand/ a franchise/ a studio from his criticism far more than an opinion about society, the police, the gop.

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