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Well, that’s the end of one media career then

Of course, distinguishing between lies and simply being too dumb and ignorant to know what you’re saying is a difficult one…..

5 thoughts on “Well, that’s the end of one media career then”

  1. It’s a good job this standard isn’t applied to commentators as He’d be absolutely stuffed,

    – He has lied about his background facilitating tax evasion
    – Lied about his sources of income (or invoked a right to privacy he doesn’t allow any of his critics)
    – lied about economics, politics, indeed almost any subject of which he claims to have knowledge
    – lied that his policies are in any way workable, affordable or implementable without turning the country into a Fascist/ Stalinist dictatorship

    He’d certainly barred from Social media if the requirement to tell the truth were needed to have access to it…

  2. It’s amazing, isn’t it? An actual major news event is occurring live. It’s the President of the United States of America giving a press conference stating the White House position on the state of the Presidential election. And the mainstream news media cut away from it. And then they congratulate and celebrate themselves for cutting away from it.

    Comedy banana republic.

    News porn:

  3. Spud, not being very bright, doesn’t understand what a lie is. A lie is an intentional falsehood, but to Spud it’s absolutely anything that contradicts his own crazy views.

    For a statement x to be a lie, (i) x must be demonstrably false and (ii) x must be uttered with the intention to mislead or deceive.

    Establishing (i) is not easy; and establishing (ii) can be very hard. What makes Spud salivate is the thought that he – the Murphatollah – could censor the media as broadcast.

  4. That’d mean almost every interview would last about 5 seconds.

    “Hello, Mr. Politician. Welcome to the show.”
    “Hello, Ms. Journalist. I’m happy to be here.”
    cut to something else

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