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Well, yes

Jane Fonda has previously said that “ageism is alive and well” in Hollywood, with men allowed to age because they “become more desirable by being powerful,”

“With women it’s all about how we look. Men are very visual, they want young women,” she said.

“So, for us, it’s all about trying to stay young.”

The flip side of this being some rather large number of juicy young things getting roles at ages where blokes are still considered spotty young oiks.

Differential evaluations of desirability in a sexually dimorphic species being such a surprise, eh?

10 thoughts on “Well, yes”

  1. And she looks like a plastic-faced Stepford freak.

    She’s 80 years old, she most definitely does not need to ‘stay young’. Nor, by making herself look like a Tussauds reject, has she even remotely succeeded.

  2. bizarrely not true in Bollywood – cause it ain’t a romance or a real drama if Mum and or would be MIL aren’t heavily involved in the script. – though obviously not making the same as female lead.

  3. Barry Norman's Big Fat Pickle

    Congrats to her for picking up on what Billy Wilder was saying in “Sunset Boulevard” a mere 70 years ago.

    And why not?

  4. I note that a couple of British theatrical Dames (Dench and Mirren) have managed roles in big budget action films (the Bond and RED films respectively) without trying to look like they’re in their 20s…

  5. If she can’t get any work in the film industry, she can always go back to Hanoi and restart her anti-aircraft gun instructor career.

  6. Even post-Weinstein, I bet that when there is a tie between two equally talented starlets the producers still settle it with a fuck-off.

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