We’ve heard this before

But this kind of appointment is not an exception for this government; it is the rule. Again and again, those who deny or question the impact and cause of racism are selected for key equality positions: Trevor Phillips, who was suspended from the Labour party over alleged Islamophobia, was appointed to the inquiry on the impact of Covid-19 on ethnic minorities; Dr Raghib Ali, who denies racism has any role in disproportionate coronavirus deaths, was appointed a government Covid adviser; and Tony Sewell, who has questioned the idea of institutional racism, was appointed chair of the government’s commission on race and ethnic disparities. On top of this, Truss’s fellow equalities minister, Kemi Badenoch, has bizarrely claimed that the authors of some of Britain’s bestselling anti-racism books “actually want a segregated society”. With Munira Mirza, a strong critic of Theresa May’s Race Disparity Audit, installed as No 10’s policy director, it’s clear that the current government is unlikely to identify systemic racism as the cause of racial inequalities in health, criminal justice, housing, employment or any other area – regardless of the litany of independent racial inequality reviews that suggest otherwise.

Anyone who doesn’t already agree with the programme can’t be allowed to monitor, decide upon, design or control the programme.

Of course we have democracy, it’s just that as The Party is objectively correct then therefore only Party members may stand for election…..

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  1. The irony of a coloured person using her race to criticise others of playing the race card is obviously lost on her.

  2. While race*ism* is unlikely to impact on Covid deaths, *race* – or more accurately, differing biologies – is, as with anything biological, likely to have an effect on the effects of Covid, an impact on a person’s biology. I’m highly unlikely to get sickle cell anemia, while more likely to get skin cancer, for example.

  3. “Dr Zubaida Haque is the former interim director of the Runnymede Trust” So, she couldn’t keep that grifting non-job and went looking for something similar and, oh no!, they don’t want her intersectional, chuntering common purpose bilge and garbage; they want someone with an open mind.

    So she runs to her spiritual home at the Guardian to make her complaint.

  4. ‘We have deep-seated problems with racial inequalities in this country.’

    Blacks can’t compete. Therefore, WHAT?

    Racist creep Dr Haque thinks blacks can’t succeed on their own.

  5. @ Gamecock
    Tamils are blacker than the majority of Africans. They do pretty well in England (rather better than they do in India).
    SO Blacks can compete. If “Blacks” cannot compete it is *not* due to their colour.
    [Before you ask, Rishi Sunak is descended from Punjabia and Priti Patel from Gujaratis, so both are brown not black and I am not using them as examples.]

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