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Why is this? Firstly, because all the easy fossil fuels have already been extracted. The marginal cost of their extraction is now, inevitably rising.

Man says this as fracking explodes around the world?

17 thoughts on “Ahahahahahahaha”

  1. Coal mines continue to break production records as technology improves. Underground coal mines are beginning to cut coal on longwall faces with the operators sat on surface.

  2. Wasn’t this issue comprehensively settled on 29-Sep-1990? If you’re over 30 years behind the curve, it’s going to be pretty hard to make sound judgements on climate change!

  3. They always assume that there will never be any new technologies. It is a boom and bust game. Plummeting prices have made some deposits less economic to extract. Look at Alberta. But some new means of extracting less expensively may be developed and it’s back to the races.

    What early 1900s Texas wildcatter would have ever thought deep sea drilling could pay off?

  4. Deepwater is probably even more transformative than fracking – just look at Israel. It really is not possible for someone to be more wrong than he is.

  5. Plenty of solutions
    Farm whales instead of hunting them
    A small nuclear plant in my back garden to reliably charge my electric car
    Thorium reactors
    The reason we aren’t pouring money into these solutions is that there’s no money in it. Yet.
    Because oil and gas are cheap and the infrastructure for delivery is already written off. The North Sea is declining partly because the old pipelines are reaching the ned of their lives and go to the wrong bits of sea.

  6. Philip, pls, thorium is a joke from the 60s.

    Man currently has proven reserves of 1.8 quadrillion barrels of oil.

    Murph’s assertion of the death of the oil industry is grossly exaggerated.

  7. Murph’s assertion of the death of the oil industry is grossly exaggerated.

    Natural death. It can be a murder-suicide victim soon enough.

    Shame about the thorium. Be nice to have decentralised power generation.

  8. TD @ 4.36.
    Alberta’s oil isn’t expensive to extract, but successive green Liberal governments, Warren Buffet and others (George Sauron is in there somewhere too I guess)have made it so difficult to get it to the refineries.

  9. “Shame about the thorium. Be nice to have decentralised power generation.”

    This is the problem with thorium fan boys. Y’all have no clue what you are talking about.

  10. Not a thorium fanboy, but certainly don’t know what I’m talking about. I know they talk about decentralisation.

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