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Another club ‘ee’s been thrown out of

It has to be said that I am aware that GIMMS do not much like me. I was an adviser when it started but I criticised Bill Mitchell, for good reason. Now they say I am not an MMT economist and advise anyone who will listen not to read this blog as I do not promote MMT.

7 thoughts on “Another club ‘ee’s been thrown out of”

  1. To paraphrase something someone once said, all of Spud’s failed personal and business relationships have one thing in common. Spud.

  2. It says much about how unfriendly he is that GIMMS (who look like natural bedfellows) have ‘sent him to Coventry’

    A couple of people pointing out his behaviour at the Scottish Labour Party debate he walked out of because his stupidity had been exposed – he is running out of colleagues and admirers – hopefully he ends up on the street sooner rather than later

  3. Little chance of that, V_P… ICAEW have just decided to name the fat bullying bumblefuck as their influencer of the year. How nice that they see him as a natural ally, even though he makes a mockery of their brand with every blog post.

  4. (Checks calendar) it’s not April, is it? What on earth do ICAEW think they’re doing? Have they read any of his stuff? Do they think he invented CbCR?

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