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Any American readers members of Robin Hood?

I want to have sight of their “leaderboard”. The stocks that are being traded most across their membership.

I can’t gain an account from here in Europe.

So, anyone a member and can screen shot it for me or summat?

If I then want to go ahead and have permanent access then I can organise that but it’s a bit complex.

The purpose of this is that “RobinTrack” is now closed down. So, I want some other manner of finding out what the day traders and the like are excited about now.

6 thoughts on “Any American readers members of Robin Hood?”

  1. Some websites are blocking access when you use a VPN. I can’t sign into Microsoft with my VPN active, and I can no longer fool Foxtel into letting me watch from anywhere in the world, though that’s not been an issue lately.

  2. A mate of mine, whose ancestors are French, was trying to research his antecedents on a French website without success. The site was blocked from his UK IP address. Another mate who can do this stuff spun up a proxy on an Azure (Microsoft cloud) instance in France, and the site became available by that route. Perhaps a similar approach (not a VPN but a proxy) in a US Azure or AWS instance would work. Not offering, as I don’t use Azure or AWS.

  3. Isn’t the controversy that RH are *selling* this data to hedgies so that they can front-run the retail moves?

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