Beating their B team was hard then

Farrell’s kicking didn’t help. But I thought that France had the best of that match most of the way through….

10 thoughts on “Beating their B team was hard then”

  1. Yeah. Won’t go down in the history of English rugby as a great day.

    Had France won, couldn’t have complained.


    It’s a good reality check to reconcile your impressions with the actual match stats.

    England apparently missed 32 tackles (giving a piss-poor success rate of less than 75% of tackles attempted) while France only missed 4 which translates to an astonishingly good success rate of over 97%.

    The other match stats were broadly in line with what I thought I was watching!

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Another one track performance with no plan B. All those talented backs and we spend all match kicking with May running round looking for work. I found myself wanting France to win, heresy I know but England aren’t a team worth watching at the moment. Its not good for the game in England.

    When Eddie said Youngs could get another 50 caps someone on the Wasps forum commented that he doesn’t think about it as 50 caps, more like 500 more box kicks to endure.

  4. “ France only missed 4 which translates to an astonishingly good success rate of over 97%.”

    New defence coach making his mark early on, the idea of a disciplined, defensive French side seems odd, but I guess if anyone can do it Shaun Edwards can

  5. What BiND said. Apparently Eddie is keeping the attack plans secret until a more opportune time. Like a World Cup semi where we try a few things for the first time, get them a bit wrong, then lose.

  6. @dearieme
    It does seem a lot coming down to the refs particular interpretation, Welsh got dinged all first half until they figured out the refs interpretation of
    Not releasing in the tackle, while a player being literally thrown off his feet and off the pitch didn’t warrant a mention.
    Similar with high tackles, especially when a player ducks into a tackle and scrums can turn into a game sucking farce ending in penalties more than a successful scrum

  7. What BiND said.
    Dulin caught every bomb sent his way, even on the rare occasions England competed for the ball. Yet England kept on trying it. And when not kicking Daly ran into the heaviest traffic without attempting to bring on his other runners.
    I wish I’d switched off.

  8. Rugby has always been a players’ game that used to also be good for spectators.
    Now it’s lousy for spectators. Effective defence wins games. Stats on the TV screens primarily focus on tackles made. I’m less interested in how many tackles a second-rower makes than how much ball he wins. I’m less interested in how many tackles a back makes than how many breaks he makes or how many times he puts a team-mate into space.
    Sam Warburton recently explained why teams kick so much, and his explanation makes sense.
    But I’ve more or less stopped watching.

  9. Fiji v Georgia and Wales v Italy were far more entertaining than the “tier one” matches. Ireland v Scotland was also a festival of boredom.

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