Both fun and silly

One of Donald Trump’s former Atlantic City casinos will be blown up next month, and for the right amount of money, you could be the one to press the button that brings it down.

The demolition of the former Trump Plaza casino will become a fundraiser to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City that the mayor hopes will raise in excess of $1m.

Fun in the sense that it is fun. Tee hee and all that.

Silly in the sense that this is a monopoly owned by the city. It is, in the economic sense, something akin to a land rent in fact – like spectrum and all that. Therefore the revenue should go to the city coffers. Because as Henry George told us, land rents are how we should finance government.

7 thoughts on “Both fun and silly”

  1. The Guardian has an unerring eye for the non-story. Like the BBC, they do not have a clue of what is important and depend on Trump, Brexit and climate change to fill their pages. It’s almost worth hoping that Trump buys the Guardian.

  2. Headline: Trump!!

    Article: Welll… The thing is actually owned ( and dropped, unsurprisingly..) by Icahn since almost a decade.. But Trump!!

  3. yes, but people probably won’t buy a ticket to help the government like they will a boy’s club. So, probably more social benefit delivered.

  4. I think I went to that one, ~1984. If so, it’s a rather old building, and demolition seems logical. Generally, Gamecock considers destruction of capital assets a bad idea. Making a show of it obscene. See Obama, Cash for Clunkers.

  5. A better way to find government – one that doesn’t force people to use their property in ways they do not wish to – would be ‘fee for services’.

    The government sends you an itemized bill listing everything they’ve done for you.

  6. Saw an article about Trump as a shadow president haunting the Biden administration and thought that it was Obama and the Clintons who broke the unofficial code of ex-presidents not interfering so all’s fair now and hopefully Trump will merrily harass Biden for the next 4 years

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