Didn’t take long for Zil lanes to appear, did it?

Labour councillors turned on Sadiq Khan last night while discussing the Mayor’s latest plans to move City Hall from the centre of London to the East End’s Royal Docks. Despite Khan’s own planning policy saying new developments should be car-free, plans for the new London Assembly building include two dedicated mayoral car parking spaces, a hypocrisy one Labour councillor branded “outrageous” during a Zoom meeting last night. “Two Car Sadiq” – echos “Two Jags Prescott”…

While the mayor’s team claim the hypocritical plans are due to security reasons,

Security” being the new euphemism for responsible workers…..

6 thoughts on “Didn’t take long for Zil lanes to appear, did it?”

  1. Some MPs take the tube. It’s hardly beneath the mayor to do likewise.

    If he’s too afraid of aggrieved citizens or terrorists on public transport, perhaps he shouldn’t anger the former and import so many of the latter.

  2. When Boris was mayor I saw him travelling on his own on the tube on a few occasions. Who’d recognise Sad Dick anyway?
    Good to see that even Labour councillors realise what he’s like. Another term for him and London will be just a bigger version of Tower Hamlets.

  3. Red Ken went everywhere by black cab.
    Khan has enraged both the Hackneys and Uber, so he has to travel in an armoured vehicle.

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