D’ye remember this?

There was much outrage in anti-Brexit circles when Boris Johnson shunned the EU’s vaccine alliance. He was accused of reckless nationalistic infantilism. It was said that the UK would not have the great power ‘clout’ to obtain global vaccines at scale.

There was also that shouting about not joining the respirator alliance, wasn’t there.

Events have not played out remotely as they expected.

No, they haven’t, have they?

Wonder if any of them will apologise. Even, change their minds?

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    There’s a fair few on Twitter going out of their way to point out that we could have done this anyway:

    The UK is still entirely within the EU medicines regime. Under that regime, licensing of the Covid-19 vaccines is reserved to the EMA (technically the Commission advised by the EMA, but let’s simplify): only the EMA can license biotechnological products for medical use.

    However, the Medicines Directive (2001/83) allows national medicines regulators (the MHRA) to approve unlicensed products for use in response to the spread of pathogens (Article 5(2)). That is what the MHRA has done here.

    I appreciate that’s a slightly different position being answered, but does anyone seriously think we’d have been allowed by EUophiles to go on our own if hadn’t left? We’d have had to be good EU citizens and wait until everyone was ready, like good Germans:

    Jens Spahn, German health minister, was just saying going through full process related to decision on collective procurement “All 27 ms will have access to vaccines at the same time otherwise some ms may have have been able to procure vaccines at an earlier stage that others”


    “We have member states including, Germany, who could have issued such an emergency authorisation if we’d wanted to. But we decided against this and what we opted for was a common European approach to move forward together.”

    I wonder if the German and French tax payers are as happy to wait when they don’t need to? I note that Macron reckons that it could be April or even later before they start, although the French are them most sceptical vaxxers in the EU.

    And of course EUophiles are all over this, from the thread above:

    AND “But a few remarks on Brexit to my British friends: Biontech is a European development, from the EU. The fact that this EU product is so good that Britain approved it so quickly shows that in this crisis European and international cooperation are best”

    As if we wouldn’t have cooperated with them or anyone else once we’ve fully left. Its not like most of us haven’t been banging on about our ability to cooperate worldwide when we’ve left.

  2. Call me old fashioned but skipping animal trials doesn’t inspire confidence. Especially as the last corona virus vaccine (for SARs, an actual lethal virus) killed all the ferrets it was tested on. They developped antibodies alright, which killed them on exposure to the virus.

  3. No one despises the EU more than I. But to think that this gunk is a “benefit” of Brexit is to insult Brexit.

    The rumour is that the second dose(inoculation consists of 2 doses) was given to test volunteers on 13th Nov. Maybe just Twitter scuttlebutt but with the Johnson gang nothing surprises any longer.

    I will not be partaking.

  4. I posted this last night –before Tim had put this thread up. Reposting here.

    There is lots of talk that vax compulsion will come from private business denying vax refusniks like me goods/services . Making those who wont take the shit second class citizens.

    I don’t see it but I just thought of a reason why it almost certainly wont happen.

    Our dear Friends in the Religion of Peace.

    Remember Sad Dick Khan’s flu vax “injection” photo-shoot of a few weeks ago? The one where the plastic safety cap was still on the needle.

    Is it that Sad Dick is a cowardie about needles?

    More likely he knows pig products are in the vax and was terrified of an accidental jab/defilement.

    Well the new crap will have pig products also,

    So what does the RoP high command do?

    1-Say nothing and let their crew mass defile themselves by knowledge gap default?
    2- Lie and say no piggy in there?

    Both of those would cause a colossal kick-off once truth emerged.

    3- Tell the truth and have 3-4 million instant refuseniks.

    Does anyone think there is the slightest chance of any private concern trying to turn members of the RoP into second class citizens–all 3-4 million.

    Private discrimination is a non-starter.

    As for the vax the -98 storage is interesting. It has to be warmed up to inject. Does anyone want to start a pool as to if and how long it is before some chump injects the stuff at -98 degrees ?

    I think your arm vein would freeze and block blood flow. So poss arm amputation. Assuming chunks of frozen blood don’t reach your heart and/or stop bloodflow at lots of sites in your body.

    Oh Dear.

  5. If Ecks is correct then the ROP will provide a useful control group for the vaccine’s effects both good and bad.

  6. “As for the vax the -98 storage is interesting. It has to be warmed up to inject. Does anyone want to start a pool as to if and how long it is before some chump injects the stuff at -98 degrees ?”

    Ummm.. Ecksy… At -98 centigrade the vaccine is very much a solid… Physics and science and stuff..
    Not possible to get a lump of ice through a syringe, y’know..

    Besides, anyone stupid enough to handle anything at those temperatures without serious protective gear will very quickly find that “freeze burn” is a Thing.

  7. You are likely right Grikath- it is presumably water-based thinking about it.

    But the other side will be –how many doses will be given at wrong temp to work? I believe there is a window where it can be and room temp and still be potent but it soon “goes off” etc. We can be sure that whatever cock-ups can happen will–esp with essentially untrained laymen injectors on the job.

  8. OK, let’s take a step back and consider the situation a bit dispassionately. We have a government that was panicked into destroying the British economy in order to “save” “our” “NHS”. They will soon have realised that they had made possibly the worst mistake of public policy in all history. And they are too frit to come out and admit it, so they had to keep the scare going until they could find a safe ladder to climb down. Hence the “second wave” which I think Yeadon et. al. have fairly conclusively shown is just a false positive-demic.

    So now we have a vaccine – several in fact. This provides the perfect ladder. Add some theatre around how clever this is and how rare and how everybody will get it in the right order – queue up in good British fashion. It then doesn’t actually matter what’s in the vaccine, or whether everybody or even most people accept the jab, as long as it looks like something has been done which saves us all. We already have herd immunity, so very few people will get Covid anyway. After a decent interval, declare the whole thing over, accept the gratitude of the masses – and then try to clear up the wreckage of the economy. But at least nobody has been shown up as a complete panicky bedwetter idiot.

    The vaccine may be totally inert, or it may contain something that gives a suitable proportion of people a headache or reaction of some sort, to keep the impressionable impressed. It may even be an actual vaccine – it is a great chance for the pharmaceuticals to test a completely novel way of making vaccines (mRNA) on a huge collection of volunteers. What it can’t be, though, is unsafe. The last thing the politicians need now is a lot of vaccine-induced illness. Then there really would be hemp decorating the lampposts. So if there is even the least chance that the vaccine could be bad for you, they will have nixed that and insisted that what you get injected with is just something totally innocuous.

    I’m not getting a jab, not because the vaccine scares me, but because I have better things to do with my time than being an experimental needle-cushion for some halfwit dragged off the street to perform inoculations. Like saving my business, for example.

    This is the Occam’s Razor view of how things stand right now. If, however, they make vaccination compulsory, or introduce any form of “immunity passport” – then there really is something to worry about. But – how likely is it that this bunch of super-competents can get a proper conspiracy together, and keep it secret?

  9. “At room temperature ”

    The other point is what happens if the stuff is a killer. Don’t want anybody hurt but what if there are lots of bad reactions even if its largely non-fatal? And a lot of bad reactions almost cert means someone’s going to die from it.

    Even if the Twitter rumour about the 2nd dose only being given to test subjects on 13th Nov last IS wrong–it hardly matters. If it was 13th Oct or 13th Sept, 2 or 3 months is little better for evaluating something potentially life threatening/ changing than one month is.

    Johnson’s plan (apart from jumping on Greenfreak/WEF bandwagon with the rest of the West’s political scum save Trump God Bless him) was to boil up the casedemic of not ill-people using the “4000 deaths a day” shite. And then posture as our Vax Saviour “who took the hard decisions that had to be taken” . Hoping that we forget about the up to 200,000 LD deaths he has brought about.

    It is a puny plan even without economic ruin arriving–but it is all Johnson has.

    But what if his last desperate move–and you would have to be desperate to be pushing out unlicenced vax as your master play– actually makes things worse? A few corpses and numbers of people made ill will put the shadow of terror (that Blojob and his gang have so carefully cultivated in UK mugs) on his “salvation” vax ploy.

    What does the moron do if the LD death total starts having a VAX death total added to it?

  10. @AGN: I agree with you that the most logical explanation is what you’ve described – initial utter cock-up, refusal to back down, looking for a way out, give everyone a ‘vaccine’ and tell them to get back to normal, ‘its all safe now!’, political necks saved.

    But I can’t see the usual suspects within the State apparatus letting go of the power they’ve suddenly accumulated. And the only way to keep hold of it is to keep the virus fear alive, in order to demand controls over everyone ad infinitum. So unfortunately I foresee this dragging on for years, with a struggle between senior politicians who know there’s no real danger to anyone, because most of it was all theatre anyway, but can’t say that because the public would want their necks, and the Deep State who also know the truth, but don’t care because they want power. If the likes of Sage continue to spew out ‘You’re all going to die unless you do as we say’ type stuff, there’s little the politicians can do, other than admit the entire fraud. So they’ll go along with it…..

  11. AGN-“So if there is even the least chance that the vaccine could be bad for you, they will have nixed that and insisted that what you get injected with is just something totally innocuous”

    You are absolutely right but this is Johnson and crew in question here.

    Johnson is like most politicians an habitual and casual liar. About most minor things. Blojob’s problem is not that he is eaten up with honesty but that to tell massive lies as he is now doing he has first to con himself.

    Richnal Crompton in one of her “William” stories observes that “It is a great gift to be able to lie so as to convince others. It is a far greater gift to be able to lie so as to convince oneself”. I believe that is key to Blojerk’s character.

    A smiling psychopath like Bliar say would have NO difficulty releasing a placebo and telling you it was a life saving VAX. I think Johnson is dishonest enough but he cant be congruent about telling us that lie without first conning himself. So I think it WILL be a physiologically active compound being released for good or ill.

    On some level Bloj knows his posturing etc is ALL deceitful bullshit. Which is why photos of the tubby frog-faced git caught with his guard down increasingly resemble one of Satan’s Toby Jugg collection.

    He knows a reckoning is at hand.

    Also –more pragmatically–someone is going to obtain a sample and analyse the vax–esp if any bad reactions occur. Finding it was a placebo would cause yet another stir.

  12. Jim–economic ruin cant go on forever.

    And if the Deep state were confident in their power grab -why offer vax at all? Why not say vax decade away so you will have to suffer it masks and all. Vax is Blojobs attempt at his way out.

    After all sans promised mass deaths even the dumbest will realise they are being played for mugs eventually. Prob most already do. But so long as Great Paid Holiday is kept up they don’t care. On 94 UC a week for likely years–THEY WILL.

  13. Mr Ecks – “someone is going to obtain a sample and analyse the vax” – yes, I was wondering about that too. But, this is something that is only going to work if kept at a very low temperature and which apparently breaks down if defrosted. So all they need to say is that “well obviously you didn’t find anything active in there – it had all deactivated itself by the time you did the analysis. Which also shows how very safe it is, by the way.”

    Otherwise I agree with you!

  14. AGN

    “But, this is something that is only going to work if kept at a very low temperature and which apparently breaks down if defrosted.”

    Fair point, but somebody will get hold of it at the right temperature. Some things are difficult to hide. This would be too much in plain sight?

  15. AGN-
    “This provides the perfect ladder”
    What you’ve said mirrors exactly my take on this lot.

  16. Here’s the thing…

    Regardless of peoples’ personal feelings about the vaccines, you’re running into the Very Large Numbers problem…

    The Vaccine is essentially “safe”…
    I did some digging, and the chance of adverse reactions is somewhere between the orders of 1:10.000 to 1:100.000. Which, let’s be fair, are jackpot/substantial prize lottery odds.

    Which also means, and as a biologist I firmly endorse this one, there will be dozens, if not hundreds of cases where people will have adverse reactions. The sheer number of people v/s the odds pretty much make this a given.

    Also as a biologist, I am of the firm opinion that those people would have had the same reaction if they were exposed to the actual live virus. This is called “shyte luck” in the profession.

    But honestly, digging through the available documentation today, and checking back with some peeps more up-to-date than me and/or more specifically knowledgeable….

    Mostly Harmless.

  17. Well said, Grikath. I’d only add that every vaccine – indeed, any medical intervention — carries a small risk, which is why the government has a compensation fund for vaccinations that go, er, wrong.

    Ecksy, by all means refuse this and other vaccines, as is your right – it’ll leave a dose for someone who needs it more.

    There’s a lot of dingbat conspiracy theory on this thread. There is no conspiracy, though there are groups with agendas and axes to grind. Any big conspiracy would leak quickly. And the British state is not capable of a big conspiracy – only cock-ups – since it was taken over by semi-educated leftists.

  18. “ someone is going to obtain a sample and analyse the vax”
    Who though. Most of the people with the equipment and knowledge to do this are too involved in the pharma process to want to rock the boat

  19. Govt compo Theo? If vax is as safe as you claim why have the entire West’s gov scum given the makers protection against being sued?

    Govt Compo will be awarded by the same type of cunts who think cancer victims not yet on their deathbed should have a job rather than being on disability benefit. The max you will get is £120 grand–which–if the vax does a good job of fucking you up– will get you about 18 months in a decent care home. Oh and you get nowt until your own money is exhausted.

    Are you still a prize mug Theo or have you ended your membership of the Tory Party yet?

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