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Err, yes? And?

Women in their 60s are paid 25 per cent less than men, a report has suggested, amid claims they suffer “double discrimination” of age and gender.

The median annual salary for females in full-time work within this age bracket was £26,230 compared with £34,325 for men, according to Rest Less, a company which offers help and advice to those in later life.

For those aged in their 50s the difference is 23 per cent, the analysis claims.

Stuart Lewis, founder of Rest Less, said the findings indicate that older women are suffering double-pronged discimination, with their age as well as their gender working against them.

It’s double nowt you stupid publicity seeking hound.

The cause of the gender pay gap is the having of, and caring for, children. This being something that women in their 20s – by and large you understand – have not done as yet and something that – by and large you understand – women in their 50s have done. There’s nothing double about it that is.

22 thoughts on “Err, yes? And?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Not going to get anywhere with Hate Facts.

    The other thing I have seen repeatedly is that women rise to positions of importance, usually lofted by affirmative action, until they are on the edge of Senior Management at 50 or so. Where upon menopause hits and they begin screaming at Senior Management over something or other in meetings and e-mail. Usually sexism.

  2. Figures are skewed by different retirement ages (as mentioned by Jonathan), but more so by the likelihood that there are more male managers in their 60’s nearing retirement, while women that age are more likely to work part-time post-childbirth, then not bother going back FT when the kids are older.

  3. As usual the misrepresentation will be in the missing definition of the denominator, various potential fiddles of which have been called out by the commentators above.

  4. It’s “people with 20 years’ work experience paid less than people with 40 years’ work experience.”
    The Left have fought for decades for pay to be based on time served, why are they now complaining that people are being paid on time served.

  5. We need names. Tell us the names of some of these women in their 60s who are ‘suffering (sic) double-pronged discimination, with their age as well as their gender (sic) working against them.’

  6. “Also, women retire at 60 don’t they? Men have to work ’til 65.”

    State Retirement Pension is now payable to women and men from age 66. Personal and Occupational Pensions can be paid from age 55.

  7. “Are they getting paid less for doing the same work? Seems unlikely.”

    This is a large factor that no-one talks about. It’s not just Timmy’s thing of more experience. Women don’t push themselves. Male programmers are the ones doing an hour’s commute to earn more, or doing stuff on weekends to up their skills. Men will take on stressful jobs, while women will work in a more relaxed place like a charity or a local authority.

  8. C’mon, BoM4. You talk we are individuals, and not groups. Group politics can’t work if we are all individuals.

  9. I’ve seen 30hrs/week described as full time, anything up to a contract to do 48hrs/week, more if you consent or are s/e. It’s a pretty big range of weekly hours, and I don’t think women will concentrate at the upper end of the range, whereas men may take the extra hours if the additional rates are high enough.
    And some men are still ambitious for status and pussy well into their 50s.
    So many other perfectly plausible explanations e.g what SmFS said.

  10. @ decnine
    Although State Pension Age has gone up many women have occupational pensions that start paying out when they get to 60. For instance my wife left work when our elder son was born, started helping out at a local charity when the younger started school then got invited to do a (related) paid job a few years later. The pension from her first job starts at 60 and the law changing State Pension Age has no impact on that.

  11. Ummm.. women “in their 60’s” were born mostly in the 50’s, and most of them were doing the highschool/college thing anywhere between Flower Power and Disco..
    If at all, them being somewhat different times than modern New Wokeistonia..

    At least the feminists in that day and age did have a point..

  12. “The Left have fought for decades for pay to be based on time served, why are they now complaining that people are being paid on time served.”

    Because people on the left are incredibly bad at seeing the, really obvious, unintended consequences of their ideas?

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    As Grikath says, those women were at school in the 60s and 70s. The expectation was that they would do sewing, cooking and typing classes. Fewer of them will have gone on to A levels, let alone degrees of any kind.

    Not many of them will have had the opportunity to earn occupational pensions, let alone large ones.

    That may have been wrong by today’s standards, but we can’t use that to complain about their differences now.

  14. “those women were at school in the 60s and 70s. The expectation was that they would do sewing, cooking and typing classes. ”

    Not in my school. Though I admit that the clever girls sometimes got a bit disheartened when they realised how much cleverer the cleverest boys were. Maybe elsewhere there were classes where the boot was on the other foot.

  15. BoM4: case in point, I’ve spent the afternoon going through my schedule for going back to work from tomorrow, my ex has complained that I’m “doing nothing” and I said I’d proof-read her assignment when I had nothing else on, and I should have been doing that instead.

    She also asserts that going through the bills is “doing nothing”, eating my dinner is “doing nothing”, clearing out old emails is “doing nothing”, doing my *own* proof reading or writing is “doing nothing”, collapsing on the settee exhausted and recovering from the day is “doing nothing”, all of which should be not-done in favour of doing her proof-reading.

    And that’s *after* doing three days of proof reading over the Christmas break – and she complains that I take longer to proof-read and correct her work than it takes for her to read it.

  16. @ BoM4

    Men push themselves to work longer as it gets them out of the house (and so away from the wife and, more importantly, the kids).

    Women nurture said rugrats and so don’t spend so much time at work.

  17. So Much For Subtlety

    You all will no doubt be heart broken to learn that the Vagina Monologs has closed. I would have thought women never needed any encouragement to talk endlessly about themselves but it turns out I was wrong. They need financial support.

    And, I am sure we can all see where this is going? They have been supported by an NGO. Which has mainstreamed crazy in that they are cutting support because not all women have vaginas (here’s a hint: yes they do)

  18. Does it take into consideration that women in their 60’s might not have spent the time needed to climb the corporate ladder that men might have?


    Didn’t think so.

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