Except for thee and me

Today there are no longer any mainstream services, groups or even dating apps that are exclusively for those who are same-sex attracted. Many LGBT organisations today campaign, in effect, against the right to be homosexual. This is because transgender politics calls for people to be recognised for who they claim to be internally, not for the sex of their bodies. The result is that, this year, ‘Chiyo Gomes’ – a female who has had a mastectomy – is a finalist in next year’s Mr Gay UK competition. Furthermore, despite the female biology and lack of penis, in Britain today it could be construed as a hate crime to refer to ‘Chiyo’ as a straight woman rather than a gay man.

As PJ O’Rourke pointed out sometimes the gender or even sex differences don;t matter, as when trading bonds. Sometimes they do, as when making babies.

Having sex is more of a leisure activity than a making babies one – even in a world without contraception that’s true – but biological reality still strikes as something fairly important in such activity, no?

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  1. we had a variety of the no homo joke back in the day. “just because you bend over in the shower doesn’t mean you’re gay”. This was the starting point-it escalated and had many (diverse) variations- but a typical progression would culminate “just cos you bend over in the shower, put your hand on your bum, turn round and say “give it to me big boy” doesn’t mean your gay.” the more absurdity the more chuckles. But AFAIR we lacked the comedic genius to come up with “just because you’re a girl with no tits, bending over in the shower saying give it to me big boy doesn’t mean your Not gay.”

  2. There’s an opportunity. Set up a gay dating website in the sort of country that doesn’t care about this shit. Maybe somewhere that’s recently legalised gays. People can sign up with credit cards, or if they block you, bitcoin or Amazon voucher codes.

    Do you think trannies are going to fly all the way to India or Lesotho to protest?

  3. Bearing in mind the relatively low incidence of lesbianicity, their apps must be full of ‘lesbian trans women’ ie props in frocks.

  4. You know – I’m just zoning out on all this shit now. Whatever new flavour of fucking lunacy or outrage the gender spazzed and shower bender-overs come up with my reaction is to have another sip of tea and then divert my attention to something that merits it. Just ignore them folks. They’ll go away – at least in the world of things that you look at.
    (Just vote properly so that the non-spazzed non-shirtlifty politicians get to make the laws).

  5. One interesting result of the tranny obsession is that right-wing and conservative-minded gays have definitely distanced themselves from the alphabet soup.

  6. Off topic
    But anyone seen the full patriarchy paradox lecture that got the Eton master sacked?
    Can only find a 59 second clip on youtube

  7. Thankyou HB
    A well researched completely reasonable lecture for young men to absorb.
    But of course all those bitter feminists and cultural Marxists will abhor the arguments made.
    Pleased to see his pupils are demanding his reinstatement
    Quite coincidentally. In Saturday’s torygraph’s weekly ‘marriage diaries’ a women is lamenting her feminist husband’s failure to be a bit more of a caveman and just give her a good time in the sack,!
    Basic biology will not be thwarted

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    Thanks HB.

    ILooks like another James Damore situation. They’re going to hate it because it rings so true.

    The letter the boys wrote was very good.

  9. “The letter the boys wrote was very good.”

    what we need to see is Benenden vs Eton debate team on “this house believes daddy pays for everything”.

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