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If only Wirecard were still around

Mastercard and Visa said on Thursday they would block their customers from using the credit cards to make purchases on Pornhub following accusations the pornographic website showed videos of child abuse and rape.

One of the more amusing allegations about Wirecard being that it was washing payments from the dodgier sorts of fumblesites. Not just that it was, but it was washing them and that that was just about all the real business it was doing.

16 thoughts on “If only Wirecard were still around”

  1. Mastercard and Visa said they would block customers from using their cards to buy petrol because climate change.

    Mastercard and Visa said they would block customers from using their cards to buy from companies without an approved diversity and anti-slavery policy.

    Mastercard and Visa said they would block customers from using their cards to buy from the Jews.

  2. My latest Barclaycard Visa credit card updated Ts&Cs say that the card can no longer be used on gambling sites.

  3. I do notice the article mentions credit cards not debit cards. So it’s lending not the card holders own money. I think I might demur on lending someone money to gamble. Others baulk. on lending to watch pr0n. It’s the rights issue again, isn’t it? People think they have them when there are only obligations. There’s no obligation to lend people money.

  4. TMB,
    To the best of my knowledge you’ve never been able to gamble with credit cards, (or it was stopped a long time ago) that may just be closing an ‘on line’ loop hole.

  5. JuliaM, the war on smokers continues in the Netherlands. Smoking banned on railway station platforms. Even the outdoor ones. From 2024 supermarkets will no longer be allowed to sell cigarettes and tobacco products. All this greeted with the usual glee from the health fascists.

  6. Visa and Mastercard are asking to be destroyed by Bitcoin. Every time they do something like this, someone gets on Bitcoin. And once they’re on Bitcoin, maybe they’re willing to buy from other stores that use Bitcoin.

    There’s really no reason why there should be 2 or 3 options for payments with digital transactions. In theory you can have millions of providers with payment screens.

  7. BiS – I take your point but the credit card lender has effectively provided the borrower with a credit facility up to an advised limit so while the borrower remains within that limit and meets payments when due. To that extent, the borrower should surely be free to operate within his credit limit without constraint.

    If the lender takes a ‘principled’ stance against gambling (or any other expenditure it chooses to deprecate) it can under advice reduce the limit or indeed revoke any new drawings until the outstanding balance is paid off.

    If gambling businesses can accept payments by Visa or Mastercard, then it stands to reason that merchant acquirers are prepared to deal with such businesses and it would be interesting to know whether Barclays Merchant Services take the same puitanical line.

    For the avoidance of doubt, all Bison draw the line at gambolling.

  8. MC, yes, because there’s no question that at some point someone will have uploaded at least one such piece of filth. Probably many people have uploaded may such. But a major operator like that will remove such material post haste because they would have a lot of unwelcome official attention paid to them if they didn’t. Kiddie pr0n on major porn sites has to be one of the world’s problems that is already minimised as far as reasonably possible, if not more so, because the site operators have humungous incentives to not let it happen. It’s a lame excuse, which should logically lead to Sainsbury’s being demonetised because they must surely occasionally sell cigarettes to under-18s.

  9. accusations the pornographic website showed videos of child abuse and rape

    Does it though?

    Depending a bit on your definitions, yes, definitely.

    Child abuse depending on what you deem “child” and “abuse”. When I was in Customs NZ, and I doubt it has changed much, a video of an 18 year old playing the part of someone under 15 would get classified as paedophilia. There’s a decent sized market for that stuff because the punters tend not to regard it as illegal. Some of it is pretty sick-inducing, given that skinny girls can easily make themselves look 12 or so. (Likewise videos from jurisdictions like Denmark where the age of consent for porn was under 18 were often seized.)

    There are plenty of video of simulated rape on the site. That is actors willing to play the parts. They would have been seized in my day regardless of the voluntary nature of the participants.

    That said, the NZ government does not block PornHub as part of blocking know paedophilia sites ( So obviously it does not consider it to be a hotbed of the stuff.

  10. I’m curious about the apparent coordination between Visa and Mastercard.

    ‘Mastercard and Visa said on Thursday’

    Some coordination between companies is illegal. Don’t know about this time. Perhaps it’s always legal if you are doing it for a good cause.

  11. I use pornhub.
    Never come across child abuse or rape.

    There probably are videos done as non consenting – just as you will find game of thrones has a rape scene. Heck, even soaps have had rape scenes just not graphic ones. Do the snowflakes know something is acted by people paid to act?

    Rape? Not come across that on the site. And would hope any child abuse would get reported to relevant police forces immediately. Certainly not something you expect to find in one of the larger mainstream porn sites.

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