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Isn’t this disgusting!

Many, many cities in the country do zoning in this way, but Atherton is what you could say is the most successful in using zoning to keep out anyone who is not wealthy or white.”


In a town of just over 7,100 residents, the population is 73% white.

California in toto is about 60% white. That thus seems well within normal statistical variation to me……

7 thoughts on “Isn’t this disgusting!”

  1. Given that Atherton is in the rather pricey part of Silicon Valley, 27% PoC is higher than expected. Look out for the Hindu temple and cricket pitch

  2. The 5 largest ethnic groups in Detroit, MI are Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (77.3%), White (Non-Hispanic) (10.8%), White (Hispanic) (4.58%), Other (Hispanic) (2.63%), and Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (1.7%).

    The 5 largest ethnic groups in Michigan are White (Non-Hispanic) (74.8%), Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (13.6%), White (Hispanic) (3.49%), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (3.24%), and Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (2.51%)

    Quoted without comment

  3. @ BiS:

    ” Quoted without comment”

    I that case, it’s self preservation that stops White people moving back into Detroit…

  4. Isn’t house prices, rather than zoning per se, the way to keep out anyone, whether white or not, who isn’t wealthy? Does Atherton have a special zone to house poor whites?

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    No one in their right mind lives near Black people. It is sad but true. Whites and Blacks just cannot live together – and nowhere do they. Everywhere you see it, Whites are fleeing or Blacks are being pushed out by gentrification (which is a polite way of saying law enforcement and slum clearing).

    I don’t see why laws should not recognise this. Immense damage has been done to the wealth of middle class Whites *and* Blacks by allowing Blacks to move into White areas. The first Blacks pay top dollar – but in a decade their houses are worth nothing because the ghetto trash have ruined the whole area. It would be better to say that Black people can trash Black neighbourhoods if they want, and they do, but White people get to live in decent communities.

  6. Given that they’re 73% white, I’d say they do an exceptionally poor job of it.

    Compare that to Oregon, which at one point simply made it illegal for non-whites to live there. Hence Portland’s 99% lily-whiteness.

    Also, zoning doesn’t keep out non-whites. It keeps out *poor people* – sure, that includes a lot of non-white, it also includes a lot of whites. I imagine that I would be just as unwelcome there as someone named Rufus or Jagmeet.

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