Most amusing

So, at Salon. The capitalist bastards at the supermarkets haven’t raised the workers’ wages even as profits have soared. The bastards.

Illustrated with a picture whose caption is:

Miami Beach, Publix check out cashier and bagger wearing PPE.

Publix is employee owned.

And no, they don;t grasp this, it’s not being used as a counterpoint.

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  1. In the old days (five years ago) John Lewis employees regarded the annual bonus as part of the package.
    Now that it has gone, they may feel like shareholders or they may feel that they’ve been ripped off by the capitalists. A matter of taste, I suppose, like all politics.

  2. Of course, the real test is whether Publix’ revenues go up (as they did for most groceries) and whether or not the various forms of compensation that worker/owners might receive go up in lockstep.

    I know of no evidence of Publix workers doing particularly well during the last year.

  3. ‘. . . the nearly uncontrolled spread of COVID-19 . . . has thrown sectors of the food service industry into freefall . . . 110,000 restaurants closed in 2020 . . . employment in that sector remains 2.1 million people below pre-COVID levels.’

    Liar, liar, pants on fire. Government has done this damage, not Covid.

  4. Quite so, Gamecock, I’m endlessly pointing out in comments, etc., that there is no such thing as a COVID-19 recession, there is a government response to COVID-19 recession.

    And, of course, COVID-19 is not responsible for supposedly liberal (classical sense) democracies abandoning civil liberties:

  5. Just as in covid deaths, it’s not the virus that gets you, it’s your body’s over-reaction to it resulting in a cytokine storm and massive inflammation.

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