Ms. Birkin

Jane Birkin on the truth about Serge Gainsbourg and the pain of her daughter’s death
The actress and singer talks about her former lover, her new album — and why she’s breaking her silence about her daughter Kate

It couldn’t be that the new openness is something to do with the new album that needs promoting, could it?

3 thoughts on “Ms. Birkin”

  1. Ms. Birkin’s mother was at school with Margaret Roberts in Grantham and it has long been said that Mrs. Thatcher was Jane’s godmother.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I am getting old so I can’t remember which witch gave some advice to some budding young slutlet, to the effect that she should keep a diary when young so that it would keep her when she was old.

    So let me guess how this is going to go – his poor personal hygiene and cheating? Think she would sell more books if he beat her?

  3. Ms Birkin is 73, perhaps her pension arrangements are inadequate? Surely at 73 the hunger for attention has passed? Sad, if not.

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