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‘Love always wins,’ Harry and Meghan tell listeners in their first podcast

That’s entire swathes, even concepts, of literature entirely abolished then, isn’t it? Anna K, Desdemona, etc etc…..

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  1. Romeo and Juliet didn’t exactly end happily, either.

    When Megharry says “Love always wins”, they mean that love stories always sell. That’s what they are trying to do with their carefully crafted narrative. The main interest is whether their story will sell well enough to fund their lifestyle.

  2. I suspect that (ironically) the Hollywood notion of ‘true love’ has played a factor in the decline of marriage. Whereas in the past women would just settle down with a nice local boy they knew from school, now they want the grand fireworks/soul mate/etc, and won’t settle for less. Conversely, young men have been conditioned by internet porn to only want stunners and reject average-looking girls.

    The end result? Loneliness and unhappiness all around.

  3. Funnily enough a lot of the young men I know are little different from what they ever were. Horny little devils in the pursuit of anything with a pulse.
    Porn has certainly had an effect on men – it has probably taken the incels, the self conscious and the uncharismatic out of the dating game and ceded the field to the loud the brash and the bold.
    But men are arguably the more traditional and romantic of the sexes. Having fun then settling down with your soulmate is still for most, the ideal.
    What has changed significantly is the effect of social media on young women. It has had a pervasive and corrosive effect. You will rarely if ever see a young women who is not umbilically attached to her phone.
    It has given many an unrealistic perception of their sexual market value. Because of women’s competitiveness, no pretty young thing is ever going admit settling for the nice, but boring lad they knew from school. They’re going to hang on for the Brad Pitt they think they deserve, up until the Brad Pitt’s of the world are looking for someone ten years younger than they are and half as jaded.

  4. One of Harry Lee’s sons is currently PM in SG. He was senior wrangler in his time. It’s amazing what you can achieve by choosing two clever parents.

    How do dating websites handle the possibility that somebody might want to find someone who is intelligent? Do they use, say, education as a proxy?

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    In the unlikely event that anyone is vaguely i8nterested in it hop over to the Speccie, they’ve listened and reviewed it.

    I won’t pollute these pages with any of it, but needless to say I won’t be adding it t my podcast feed.

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