Numbers, numbers…….

Trump is the first president in 17 years to reinstate federal executions, despite

Err, right, so Trump for 4 years, Obama for 8, Bush for 8 – that means two of the past three Presidents have allowed federal executions, right?

Just as accurate as 17 years but it sure reads different, right?

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  1. I think he’ll continue to dominate US news for the next four years, alternating with fervent arse licking of creepy Joe.

  2. It might mean he could be a three term president. Out for four years, but with the huge mess that the Democrats create, he’ll be in for two consecutive terms.

  3. OT.

    There is lots of talk that vax compulsion will come from private business denying vax refusniks like me goods/services . Making those who wont take the shit second class citizens.

    I don’t see it but I just thought of a reason why it almost certainly wont happen.

    Our dear Friends in the Religion of Peace.

    Remember Sad Dick Khan’s flu vax “injection” photo-shoot of a few weeks ago? The one where the plastic safety cap was still on the needle.

    Is it that Sad Dick is a cowardie about needles?

    More likely he knows pig products are in the vax and was terrified of an accidental jab/defilement.

    Well the new crap will have pig products also,

    So what does the RoP high command do?

    1-Say nothing and let their crew mass defile themselves by knowledge gap default?
    2- Lie and say no piggy in there?

    Both of those would cause a colossal kick-off once truth emerged.

    3- Tell the truth and have 3-4 million instant refuseniks.

    Does anyone think there is the slightest chance of any private concern trying to turn members of the RoP into second class citizens–all 3-4 million.

    Private discrimination is a non-starter.

    As for the vax the -98 storage is interesting. It has to be warmed up to inject. Does anyone want to start a pool as to if and how long it is before some chump injects the stuff at -98 degrees ?

    I think your arm vein would freeze and block blood flow. So poss arm amputation. Assuming chunks of frozen blood don’t reach your heart and/or stop bloodflow at lots of sites in your body.

    Oh Dear.

  4. Also, no one ‘reinstated’ the Federal death penalty. It never went away.

    Sure, there might have been no Federal executions for a while – but Obama never formally stopped them. There was just a temporary, unofficial, hiatus because of issues with suppliers of the chemicals used and with training of the executioners.

  5. And Obama drone-striked an American citizen. Knowingly. I would consider that an Federal execution. Because if it isn’t then its just murder.

  6. SadButMadLad
    December 2, 2020 at 10:33 pm

    It might mean he could be a three term president. Out for four years, but with the huge mess that the Democrats create, he’ll be in for two consecutive terms.

    Two terms total only. Not two consecutive terms.

  7. It’s actually been very rare for over 60 years; Bush had 3, then it was 1 under Kennedy in the ‘60s, but those 4 were the only ones since Eisenhower’s last in 1957.

    Eisenhower had 10, which seems to have been normal then (Truman & Roosevelt were similar), but since then it’s been very rare; Trump’s 8 is not just a 17 year record but a 63 year one.

  8. How do you train as an executioner? Isn’t one year as a junior house officer sufficient experience?

  9. Interesting that the line seems to be no widespread fraud, I assume as there’s always some low level of fraud in any system so they are hedging their bets.
    Which made me wonder, I’ve seen comments that 50,000 votes the other way in key places would have swung the election, let’s be generous and keep the maths simple and say 100,000 votes out of 150 million votes cast, that’s 0.07% fraud rate overall. Yes it has to be specific places so the rate there would be higher and hopefully noticeable, but in that tight an election widespread fraud isn’t needed.

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