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People are weird

Mridul Wadhwa, a male transgender activist who self-identifies as a woman, is one of many who has shared the letter, which he referred to as not “just a call out but a call for action.” Mr Wadhwa, who has no Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC), was recently selected as an SNP candidate for next year’s all-women election shortlist. The practice of all-women lists was started to guarantee women a voice in politics, but recent years have seen a rise in men taking seats once set aside for women. Mr Wadhwa secured the position of manager at Forth Valley and Stirling Rape Crisis Centre by concealing his biological sex.

11 thoughts on “People are weird”

  1. “Just come to my house and kill me – it’s quicker and you can get off,”

    Why does it suit elite culture to defer to the mentally ill?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Someone doesn’t feel safe in this country? Well Thais have never done much to harm me, a few suspicious rashes aside, but I am happy to chip in for a one way ticket to Phuket.

  3. ’ How entitled can they get? Isn’t this the most clear woman hate?!’

    If it was done by anyone but a transgender activist or a Muslim, you bet it would be.

  4. Related insanity: It’s your kids, Marty. Something’s gotta be done about your kids!

    In which a bloke frets about The Children. No, not the ones he fathered and then abandoned to chase the autogynephile fetish lifestyle. The other ones who… might be persuaded not to sterilise and mutilate themselves by an anti-scientific gender cult:

    It is increasingly possible to envision a future where being trans or nonbinary is as unexceptional as being left-handed. In that world, conversion therapy for trans children will seem as barbaric and nonsensical as the stories about left-handed children who had their hands strapped to their desks until they learned to write “correctly.”

    Like Winston in Room 101 or Jean-Luc counting lightbulbs, we should remind ourselves that reality is real and can’t be changed with magic words.

    2+2 = 4
    There are four lights
    There is no such thing as “trans children”, and the only reason middle aged frock-trolls pretend to care about children, or rape victims, is to use them as meat shields to validate their genderfeels.

    Bonus psychodrama:

    Trans people are forced to perform extremes of suffering to prove that we have a right to exist

    It’s the Via Dolorosa, but with dildos.

  5. What’s this about a Gender Recognition Certificate? Do we all need one now? Or is it just for penile amputees?

    If blokes need one to go into the Ladies to spend a penny, then my view is that they shouldn’t get one unless they’ve had their balls off too.

  6. Sounds like cultural appropriation of female privilege.

    If it wasn’t for the appalling maltreatment of children involved, it’d be hilarious.

  7. 1. So a man thinks he is a woman.
    2. Without gender swap certificate he is on the all womans short list
    3. All women short lists being sexual discrimination anyway
    4. Is complaining those who are raped can now (couldnt before?!!) chose the sex of their examiner
    5. Because that doesnt make him feel safe

    There is so much to unpick here. Its insanity all the way down

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